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Watering Your Auto Feminized Plants at Night – Is it a Good Idea? 

watering your auto feminized plants at night

Watering your auto-feminized cannabis plants is one of the complicated factors that need to be addressed properly in all its life phases. The amount of water given to the cannabis plant is changing depending on different factors. You also have to consider the time of day that you can water it. There is a lot of debate about the perfect time in watering your cannabis plant. In this article, we’ll know more information about how proper timing in watering your cannabis plant benefit from it.

Is a Good Idea To Water Your Cannabis Plant At Night?

Watering at night time is not the best for the overall health of the cannabis plant because, at nighttime, the leaves and roots can stay wet for a long period of time because there is no heat source to dry it out. Damp leaves and roots are susceptible to fungal development and mold infestations. It is advisable to avoid watering late at night, especially in places where the environment is humid. Another reason why it is not advisable to water at night is that the plant may be susceptible to cold and frost depending on your region. The only time that you can water at night is if the cannabis plant is in drought, in this situation you need to water it for survival.

When Is The Right Time To Water The Cannabis Plant?

The best time to water your cannabis plant is in the morning, the earliest before the sunrise, the better. It is best to water early in the morning to let the parts that have been wet to dry out completely throughout the day to avoid fungal and mold development. If there is no way for you to water early in the morning, the best time would be during late in the afternoon where the sun is no longer intense because it’s moisture throughout the night is just right for it not to cause fungal and mold infestation.

Tips in Watering Your Plant

In watering your cannabis plant, it is advisable to avoid watering when the sun is full. The reason behind this is that when the water is sprinkled on top of the soil, there is a possibility that the water will evaporate easily before the soil absorbs the water. Another reason is that when the water hits the leaves, the sun may scorch the leaves leaving it to have burnt leaves.

In watering, make sure that all layers of the soil are wet. It is better to water the plants thoroughly but occasionally because if you would water the plant on a daily basis there is a possibility that since you wouldn’t want to over water the cannabis plant the water given daily is insufficient that it cannot even be absorbed by the roots.

Avoid drying out the soil because there is a possibility that the soil will have a hard time absorbing the water. If the soil is too dry, the roots may lose its intact with the soil making nutrients and water hard to absorb.


There is no need to water the leaves, you can just sprinkle a little to remove the dust but usually, the rain does it. As long as the roots receive an adequate amount of water then the leaves will stay healthy.

To properly hydrate the cannabis plant, it needs to be in the right container. If your pot is too big, there is a possibility that the water that you will give it won’t be transported to the roots and. If your pot is too small, your cannabis plant will have a hard time stretching out which cause stunted growth of your plant.

How to Properly Water the Cannabis Plant

If you are using soil as your growing medium, for you to be able to know if you should need to water the cannabis plant already you may need to poke your finger and make a small hole just enough to feel if the soil is dry within an inch. If your growing medium is coco coir, you should be able to water the cannabis plant at least every 2 days. You can water the cannabis plant on a regular basis even though the top part of the coco air is not yet dried out completely. The amount of water that you give to your cannabis plant depends on its size, inside and outside temperature, it’s overall health and the stage of growth.

Final Words

Watering your auto-feminized cannabis plant is one of the most important factors in cannabis growing. You need to ensure that you are watering the cannabis plant correctly at the right time and right watering techniques to avoid the possible harm to your cannabis plant. Watering your cannabis plant may seem an easy task but it needs knowledge and patience to deliver it the right way.

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