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Veganic Cannabis Growing – Which Soil is Best?

Have you heard about veganic cannabis growing? This is growing your cannabis crops using vegan soils, fertilizers and supplements. Vegan products are made from all-natural ingredients. These are all organic, naturally mined and are naturally safe to use. Definitely when you vegan you only get cleaner, bigger and better crops and only the best yields.

The ideal soil for vegan cannabis `growing

Definitely you want cannabis yields that enhanced aromas and flavors. You want a bountiful yield each time you grow. And aside from providing the best lighting, top fertilizers and supplements and                                                      the ideal water conditions, you must also consider using the best soil or if there are no sources of healthy soil, make your own soil with the right nutrients.

Expert growers recommend different products online but after checking out each recommendation, one product seems to stand out from all the other soils for veganic growing: Premier Pro-MixCC. Here is a quick run-down of what Premier Pro-MixCC is all about.

Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae by Promix

Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae is highly porous, chunk coir that most cannabis growers and breeders love. It provides just the right balance between air porosity, soil water retention and drainage capacity. This growing medium has the right features that cannabis plants need to grow larger with better yields. Pro-Mix HPCC is a mixture of chunk coir and peat moss that prevents soil compaction. Plants can grow better because of the well-maintained root zone. It can also provide support for hanging baskets, plants in large pots and for outdoor crops.

Pro-Mix HPCC is not just for cannabis plants. It is also for growing annuals, foliage plants, perennials, vegetables, potted flowering plants, potted trees, shrubs and for indoor plants as well. With Pro-Mix HPCC, growers can easily use fertilizer salts in a crop cycle. It allows longer and more frequent dry-down periods compared to peat-based products. It is for all-year round weather conditions and you won’t make a mistake of overwatering your plants because it is highly porous.

Pro-Mix HPCC has Mycorrhizae as active ingredient

Mycorrhiza is a valuable microorganism in soil. The name mycorrhiza is “fungus root” in Greek and is important in establishing symbiotic relationships with roots of plants. It can invade plant roots of plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables and connect these root systems to one another. Mycorrhizae can help improve plant’s ability to suck up nutrients in soil by 200 times farther deep into the soil. Plant roots will be able to mine the area for water and nutrients especially phosphorous.

Plants treated with mycorrhizae are no doubt healthier and have better and healthier root formation. Roots of these plants are less likely to suffer from root diseases and pests that can affect roots like root aphids. With healthier roots, you don’t need to frequently use fertilizer and you may need to water less often because plants have developed tolerance to salt in soil.

Pro-Mix HPCC biofungicide

Biofungicide is a natural bacterium that found in the roots of plants. This bacterium colonizes the roots and this is where it produces antibiotic that can prevent the growth of root-rot pathogens like Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Pythium. Growers don’t have to drench crops that often to prevent root disease and of course it is less likely that yields will be affected by any pests or root disease.

Pro-Mix HPCC chunk coir

Chunk coir is peat-chunk coir that is developed for plants that are grown into large pots around 4 inches to 10cm or larger. This is also ideal for hanging baskets and for plants in outdoor containers. Pro- Mix HPCC – Chunk Coir will increase water holding capacity without affecting air porosity. Chunk coir is actually a small coin-nugget that is able to retain large quantities of water between its fibers. And as it can retain water, it can also release it to the growing medium so that plants can use it. Large chunks in soil can create big pores that are able to hold air which increases air porosity of soil.

What makes up Pro-Mix HPCC?

Pro-Mix HPCC contains Sphagnum peat moss which is an organic matter that is from peat bog. This is taken by vacuum harvesters from its source. Peat moss can guarantee high quality products and improved overall yields. It also contains perlite which is an alumino-silicate ore. Perlite is delicately manufactured and will be able to provide improved total porosity and drainage. Pro-Mix HPCC also contains limestone that is important in adjusting pH of soil and is a good source of magnesium and calcium. And of course Pro-Mix HPCC also has Mycorrhizae-GHA297 technology.

The best soil for cannabis

Of course you must also consider the best natural soil fit for growing cannabis. There are tree important things to consider when choosing the best soil: texture, drainage ability and water retention. In order for cannabis to thrive, it needs water and oxygen from its roots all the time. Just like any plant, too much water can lead to less oxygen and leads to overwatering. And less water of course will dry soil and dry out roots. Therefore the ideal soil would be able to hold just the right amount of water but would still have to be porous to allow roots to take in oxygen.

Good cannabis soil is soil that looks dark and rich, must have a loose texture and drains well. You can tell that it drains well when after watering, you don’t see a pool of water on top of the soil for more than a few seconds. You will also see that it does not take too long for water to drain to the bottom of the pot.

Just some of the ingredients that good soil has are composted forest humus, sandy loam, coco coir, perlite, earthworm castings, sphagnum peat moss, blood meal, bone meal, pumice, azomite, greensand, leonardite, crab meal, fish meal, bat guano and mycorrhizae. As you can see, organic/vegan soil has these and this is why many growers use this kind of soil for veganic cannabis growing.

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