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Vaping VS Smoking Weed: Which is Better?

Vaping weed makes a modernized option to smoking it. As per the vaporization, it involves the heating of CBD strains or weed. It applies specific temperatures right below the combustion point in the vaporizer. It also produces a vapor stream inhaled by means of a bag or mouthpiece. 

Now, which is really better, vaping vs. smoking weed? Know that the word “better” is a subjective matter. This is somehow different. It depends upon the kind of experience to get. The thing is that they both will get you ripped. 

Below is the difference between vaping and smoking weed and their sets of advantages and disadvantages. 

Vaping VS Smoking Weed

Smoking anything like a weed produces harmful and tar products. No matter what you use, be it a pipe, joint, bubbler, and 10-foot bong, it still depends upon the combustion. There are no studies yet carried out on the effects brought about by vaporizing cannabis. 

So far, vaping nicotine is recognized to be ninety-five percent safer as compared to cigarette smoking. This is according to the top scientists in the United Kingdom. This thereby results in vaporization as the most suggested way of administering medicinal cannabis.

Other legitimate concerns have also been pressed considering the different devices on the market. They are cheap devices that are made in China. It is best to stay with devices that are reliable from trusted brands. For vaporizers that are better designed, the vapor also passes through the materials such as the quartz, stainless steel, and ceramic. There will be no glue and no plastic materials near the heating elements.

Advantages of Vaping

Vaping weed is a lot better to consider when it concerns a weed. That’s also true if health is at stake. There are more benefits to obtain from it as well. Vaping weed enables you to taste the difference between the strains. It also gives you complete control through the temperature. Plus, it is more discreet and more convenient. 

Temperature Control

The majority of weed vaporizers come with heat settings that can be adjusted. These provide you control through the temperature during such a session. It also requires trial and error. This is also to look for the best temperature when involving vaping weed. It, even more, produces a lot of effects from the mellow. Such an intense and uplifting euphoric experience is brought about by it. 

More Pronounced Flavor

Vaping weed brings about a more pronounced flavor. This is better than smoking. It allows you further to taste the specific terpenes, including the cannabinoid profiles. This is true to say with each strain in a more distinct way. As with smoking, it obliterates the subtle nuances and the taste between the strains. Just bear in mind the flavor that diminishes coming to the ending of the session. 

No matches or lighter required

A vaporizer does not need the presence of a heat source. You won’t engage in an incident wherein you’ll be stranded with no lighter and weed. 

Safer Than Just Smoking

Vaping weed is a lot better to consider for your health. This is basing upon the current research. It also does not demand an open flame. As a health-conscious individual who has got a love for dry herb, make the decision to switch to vaping. This is also since it is a no-brainer. 


The best thing about vaping weed is that it never produces much odor. This is true, considering a lower temperature. Vaping also smells more than smoke. It is rather a good option if you want to fly high right below the radar.

Disadvantages of Vaping

Be ready to face a few drawbacks too to vaping weed. For one, it must as always be kept clean. It should be charged or be placed next to a wall socket. Or else, you will be out of luck. Moreover, it requires experience in learning the proper way of vaping weed. Get the right grind and pack. Learn to master adjusting the settings.

Advantages of Smoking Weed

There are many advantages to get from smoking weed. And they are as follows:

No Investment Needed

Smoking does not demand much of an investment. This is unless you will buy a huge and fancy glass piece. It is also relatively cheaper than buying rolling papers. This also prevents smokers from delving deeper into the vaping experience.

More Intensified Effects

Smoking a dry weed is great as it quickly creates euphoric and intense effects. Such extreme temperature in the fire releases cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are responsible for the sedative effect, like in the THC levels. This is in addition to the THCv.

Low Maintenance

Using a vaporizer, you will need to maintain it using bowls or pipes. It does not demand you a lot of effort. Joints do not need that. They are considered to be low maintenance. 

No learning curve

Smoking can be just so simple. It does not demand more practice. A bowl or a joint can be lit up easily. It is also easy to know when the session is finally over. Actually, vaping is more complex. It demands more knowledge and experience. 

Disadvantages of Smoking

It is also a reality to know that smoking comes with a set of disadvantages. It is not tobacco. It is all about smoking. You have less control toward the effects. It also leaves a stronger smell. It is never as efficient as the vaping bud. The downside to that is that you never notice its subtle nuances. This is true between the strains. 


Always keep in mind that “better” has been a highly subjective term. It is still believed to be the best method. Smoking is a more discreet and safer way of taking medical cannabis among patients. But if you just want to get blazed, smoking is one way to make it happen. 

In all these, it all boils down to your choices. Vape weed or smoke weed to enjoy it. That robust taste is brought forth by a good vaporizer. 

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