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Using Plastic Mulch for Higher Cannabis Yields and Tastier Buds

Plastic mulching is one of the smartest and beneficial ways that every cannabis grower should consider. This is a good technique that can result in multiple advantages most especially if you are growing your cannabis plants outdoors.

That being said, if you want to learn more about the use of plastic mulches and how it can positively change the growth of your cannabis plants, here is a clear and definitive guide that you can take into consideration for you to minimize your worries while maximizing the growth of your cannabis plants.

Benefits of Using Plastic Mulches for Cannabis Growing

  1. Adjust the soil temperature accordingly.

White and black plastic mulches can help your cannabis to lessen the soil temperature by 2 degrees Fahrenheit with a depth of 2 inches, then if the depth is 4 inches, the temperature will be lessened by -0.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to increase the soil temperature, you can use the black plastic mulch since it can escalate the temperature by 3 degrees Fahrenheit if the depth is 4 inches deep, then if place under 2-inch depth, the temperature would increase to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

If these values are not yet sufficient, you can opt for clear plastic mulches because it can increase the temperature by 6 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit with a depth of 2 inches, then 8 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit if the depth is 2 inches deep.

  1. Water lost cases will be lessened.

You can really save more effort when you use the plastic mulches in growing cannabis plants. You don’t need to water more frequently just to increase the water retention in your soil since the plastic mulches can hold the water much longer enough to fulfill the needs of your plants.

  1. Eliminates weed growth while increasing the foliage growth.

Brown and blue-green plastic mulches can transmit IR or Infrared Radiation while blocking the PAR or Photosynthetically Active Radiation. And if the PAR will be blocked, the weed growth in the soil will be lessened.

The plastic mulch can also help your cannabis during the vegetative period by means of using clear plastic mulch to balloon the foliage growth. Additionally, this clear plastic mulch can heat the soil which is very advantageous for cannabis growers who are residing in a place with cloudy and cold weather conditions.

  1. Enhanced bud flavor with higher yields.

There are some studies and reliable sources that can justify that the light reflectivity of red and black plastic mulches can help in increasing the yields of cannabis while improving the taste of the cannabis buds. And this is being achieved with the use of red and black mulches can produce the similar amount of light that is being produced by PAR or Photosynthetically Active Radiation. That means the growth of yields will be enhanced while getting denser buds which promotes better flavor and taste when utilized.

All things considered, growing your outdoor cannabis plants with the use of plastic mulches will truly help not just by harvesting cannabis with higher yields and tastier buds but it can also protect the life of your cannabis plants which is the most important thing above anything else. So try using plastic mulches including the colored ones to ensure that you can totally enjoy the perks of growing your own cannabis plants.

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