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Using of Bloom Boosters on Your Autoflower Cannabis Plants 

using of bloom boosters on your autoflower cannabis plants

Putting so many nutrients and bloom boosters for the optimal growth of your autoflower cannabis plants may be one of the commonly made mistakes when you are into cannabis cultivation. On this article, you can get to learn how to use these nutrient boosters in the best and most productive way to make your cannabis yield successful and profitable. All cultivators for autoflowering seeds for sale can relate to this since you cannot be a good grower without a good knowledge for fertilizer use.

You might be overwhelmed with the more than a hundred options on the internet or into the shop you just visited. But remember, not all will be applicable and can help you in producing good yield for your cannabis production. There exist many companies that can feature a long list or selection from the basic components of the nutrients as well as the fertilizer to grow your autoflowering seeds for sale.

>With this being said, you cannot get to blame growers or other influencers just like what StrainCentral has detailed when they fell for something trendy bloomer despite the side effects. The risk is more in the best intentions rather than worse. So they end up frequently overfeeding nutrients and administration of more unnecessary fertilizer in their desire to produce better yield for cannabis plants.

The Need for Fertilizer for your Auto Flowering Seeds for Sale

All plants especially your autoflowering seeds for sale need certain elements to thrive. Some are naturally available in the environment, such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. If a plant has air and water, it is getting plenty of these elements. Needs such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are often supplemented in fertilizers. Other fertilizers include combinations of sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and others.

Cell membranes are made up of molecules containing phosphorous. ATP is the main energy source for cells, and every ATP molecule also contains phosphorus. Potassium is critical for a cell’s metabolism and, together with phosphate and nitrogen, allow plants to grow and thrive. Naturally, these elements are provided from decaying plant remains. Fertilizers provide these elements in easy-to-access forms that help plants grow faster and stronger.

You can read the specifications on fertilizer and bloom booster packages to learn how much of these elements are present. Often, they are measured together, such as 10-8-10, denoting ten percent nitrogen, eight percent phosphorous, and 10 percent potassium.

Why Use a Nitrogen-based Bloom Booster for Your Autoflower Cannabis Plants?

The cannabis plant requires a lot of care to produce better yield from your auto-flowering seeds for sale. There are three important and primary nutrients that aid a healthy cannabis plant and root system: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Nitrogen is chief among these nutrients. This is due to the fact that the plant’s tissue is made of over three percent nitrogen. Nitrogen is also predominant in chlorophyll, and you may remember for science class that chlorophyll is used in photosynthesis for plants to make their food.

At some point, you learned that plants need soil, water, and sunlight, but none of these things actually feed plants. Plants convert sunlight, water, and certain gases to make glucose, which is a plant’s sugary food. This is photosynthesis, and nitrogen is critical to the process. It is also a component of amino acids, which form the basis for proteins. Plants need proteins in order to stay strong, just like humans need proteins. Without enough proteins, plants will wither and eventually die.

Nitrogen also allows cells to use and store energy. It is also found in the DNA that allows cells to grow. Nitrogen is a life-sustaining nutrient for plants as well as people. Slow-release fertilizers do not act as immediately as the quick releases, and often, they cost more.

Release of Nitrogen

Some fertilizers utilize quick-release nitrogen that makes nutrients ready for a plant’s immediate consumption. This is usually water-soluble nitrogen that plants access when it is dissolved in water. Quick-release nitrogen fertilizers can trigger fast growth.

However, quick-release nitrogen fertilizers only last a few weeks at most, and they risk burning your lawn if over-applied. The alternative is slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizers do not burn plants, and their help in growth is uniform. Once applied, they can last up to two months longer than quick-release options, meaning they do not need to be applied as often.

Organic or Not Organic Bloom Boosters?

Slow-release bloom boosters for your cannabis plants or simply called as fertilizers are often organic. Organic fertilizers require microbes to break down the organic material. These use water-insoluble nitrogen. The nitrogen takes longer to be released where the plants can access them. Organic, slow-release fertilizers require warm soil and are less effective in cooler months.

Non-organic, slow-release fertilizers are usually within coated pellets. They release slowly as the coating on the pellet disintegrates. Sometimes these fertilizers can continue releasing nutrients for an entire year. These are often used to fertilize lawns and provide a deep green appearance.

Understanding Bloom Boosters on Your Cannabis Plants

The usage of bloom boosters on cannabis plants to produce better yields has been around for ages. When microbes have digested waste, they are heat-dried as the building blocks of bloom boosters.  The sewer district and other manufacturers use microbes to clean the water. The clean water flows on to sprinkler system or any other sprinkler, and the microbes, full of the waste, are dried in a kiln and turned into pellets.

By adding oxygen to the wastewater, microbes flourish as they digest the waste from the water. The microbes die naturally after consuming the waste, and they had together when special materials are added to the water. The wads of microbes are squeezed to remove moisture and then dried in kilns.

Every bag of a bloom booster is guaranteed to be comprised of at least 6 percent nitrogen. Eighty-five percent of that nitrogen is water-insoluble. It contains at least 4 percent phosphate, 2.5 percent iron, 1 percent chlorine, and 1.2 percent calcium. The calcium is effective when planting in acid-rich soil because it neutralizes the acid.

Effectiveness of Bloom Boosters

Take note that bloom boosters are most effective on the grass and provides users with a rich green turf especially in autoflowering cannabis plants. That does not mean it is not effective on other plants as well. With its variety of nutrients, bloom booster demonstrates a distinct plant growth improvement in as little as three days.

Aside from grass coloration, it will continue to improve the strength of your grass blades and durability of your lawn. This will never burn your lawn. For new plants, it should be applied at a 3/4 cup per 10 square feet ratio. Plants that are already established can be served with a cup per 20 square feet. The use of bloom boosters is promoted as a natural and safe ingredient for your cannabis plants, soils, and pest control since it thrived during the organic movement as it has moved to provide garden and lawn options without chemicals.

Also, it is intended to promote growth at the root, it contains specific water-soluble minerals and nutrients. The plants can absorb the nutrients rapidly and easily. Because the worms have already digested the castings to their simplest state, the plants have little work to do as they absorb the needed nutrients. It requires a substantial degree of buy-in from the user. Direction for use extends over a 12-week cycle with various instructions given for each week. Planters must consistently measure the hours per day plants receive light, the ratio of the trio of supplements, PPM range, and other variables.

Slow-release bloom boosters can be used on a variety of plants such as flowers, vegetables, and grass. A good slow-release fertilizer helps users avoid over-applying or needing to measure formulas for dilution. It also has to be applied less frequently than quick-release fertilizers. This is a more natural process than other fertilizers who claim to be slow-release products because they are coated in plastic or other material.

Conclusion on the Bloom Booster for Cannabis Plants

At the conclusion of this article, we confidently gave the bloom booster four stars. For many years and with much success, the heat-dried microbes from bloom boosters have fertilized lawns and other plants to the satisfaction of countless customers. The slow release of nitrogen is effective and long-lasting.

It is very clear that the bloom booster for cannabis plants is intended for human consumption. As a bio-based fertilizer, bloom boosters for autoflower cannabis plants is composed of 85 percent renewable ingredients. Using this improves your soil structure because of organic matter in the fertilizer.

The bio-based product does not run off as easily as some synthetic fertilizers, and when it does, it will not harm the plant or the water and water life. You also never have to worry about bloom booster’s harming your plants’ roots or leaves. If you are in the market for slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, bloom booster is definitely worth a nice shot. Also, be moderate when using this.

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