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Top 5 Herbs to Mix with Weed

Tobacco has been the most common substance mixed with cannabis. But, what about herbs? Can one use herbs instead of harmful tobacco? Well, there are herbs to mix with weed, forming a great combination with your favorite strain. Once you give them a try, you may even end up switching to herbs.

Why Should You Try Mixing Herbs with Weeds?

Joints or bongs with tobacco called spliffs are widely common in many portions of the globe. Europeans are often using them. Smoking weed with tobacco helps the joints to burn slower than usual. Plus, everything inside will be burnt evenly. 

A lot of smokers want the contrast between the effects of tobacco’s nicotine and the relaxing and calming sensations that marijuana can provide. While it offers some benefits, tobacco has been known to trigger various health problems like cancer. Nicotine can also cause significant damage to your cardiovascular system if consumed regularly. 

Smoking with tobacco paired with cannabis can get you extremely high. The feeling is so satisfying. However, long-term use of tobacco will be life-threatening. Tobacco can eventually damage your lungs. 

If you love tobacco but hate the possible negative effects it can cause, you may want to know if there’s another way to enjoy smoking without experiencing any unwanted side effects. Mixing herbs with weed is the solution. A lot of them give other effects that match the usual smoking experience you enjoy with tobacco. 

Top Herbs to Mix with Weed – Your Favorite Cannabis Strain

Don’t underestimate the taste and pleasure that herbs can provide, especially when mix with your favorite weed strain. They may taste different from tobacco, but herbs can also offer that oral fixation you enjoy each time you mix your favorite strain with tobacco. The effect is not different from the mix of tobacco and weed. However, herbs mix with weed are tastier and healthier alternatives to tobacco. You will never go wrong with these 5 top herbs to mix with your favorite weed:

#1. Sage Herbs mix with Weed

Imagine the feeling when you smoke weed with sage. Originating from the class of herbs, sage has been among the oldest herbs used for therapeutic purposes. Sage is known to induce a relaxing effect that is immense and recreates the tobacco.

As it smells great, it can also help with other health issues, particularly those conditions associated with digestion. Poor appetite seems to be the foremost issue while smoking sage, and cannabis relieves it little by little. 

Sage is rich in healing and medicinal properties. For that, it became one the leading herb to mix with tobacco.

#2. Weed and Blue Lotus Herb

Originating from the Nile River, blue lotus is a great intoxicant. The history says ancient people were using it as a “party drug”. If you’ve been thinking of what to pair with your favorite cannabis strain aside from tobacco, why not try blue lotus. 

This herb is pretty amazing. Many believe it can effectively eliminate traces of the addictive nicotine within your system while giving sexually stimulating and sedating effects once you mix blue lotus with marijuana. 

Though the flavor is slightly unpleasant, you will eventually learn to appreciate the herb itself. The perfect mix should be 80% cannabis and 20% blue lotus. 

#3. Weed and Passionflower Herb

Passionflower is a type of herb that also forms a perfect combination with weed. It makes the entire blend more pleasing, helping the cannabis give the best of it. The passionflower itself is not strong. Therefore, it works as a true perfect alternative to tobacco. 

Once mixed with marijuana, your bong will have a strong sedating effect. It will also make you slightly high that puts a user in a relaxed, pleasured mental state. Smoking a bong of mixed cannabis and passionflower would be a great way to end a hectic day at work. It gives you a good way to unwind. 

Passionflower is not as widely available as other herbs; you can blend with weed. Once you try it, you will surely crave for more. 

#4. Weed and Damiana Herb

Mainly chosen by many for its weed replication & tobacco combination, Damiana is sure to be a great option. It often gives a mild, subtle high which is euphoric and appreciated by many. Highly regarded for those aphrodisiac effects it can offer, damiana makes smoking a great herbs to mix with weed together with your other half. 

Damiana is already a great standalone herbs to mix with your favorite weed strain without the combination of anything. Typically called the “Herb of the Gods”, damiana is truly worth considering. 

If you’re planning to switch to something from tobacco, damiana could be the right choice for you. It can provide you a great, ecstatic mental state that you will experience and enjoy for the first time. 

#5. Weed and Chamomile

Through the years, people have been using chamomile in treating different viral infections. The medicinal properties of chamomile are being used until today as chamomile tea. The positive effects of this herb include relieving the signs of anxiety, stress, and many digestive orders. All these things are making chamomile a good alternative to tobacco. 

You need the dried and old chamomile buds, not tea bags. It’s because chamomile tea bags do not produce a soothing and calming effect if used with marijuana. 

Go ahead and try these herbs mix with weed!

Tobacco has been used in different countries in a spliff rolling procedure. However, herbs can also do the same without giving you the negative effects that tobacco gives. They serve as perfect alternatives to tobacco while providing healthier and more interesting effects.

Adding herbs or spices to your daily smoking routine instead of tobacco is a simple way to enhance your health in general. The 5 therapeutic herbs mentioned above were proven good to pair with cannabis.

The rich and thick smoke produced by both cannabis and herbs will kickstart your day, filling you with more energy to do more each day. A lot of herbs can be a good pair, but these 5 are the always great herbs to mix with weed. 

Feel free to try each of these herbs mix with weed and see which works wonders for you. 

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