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Top 5 Cheapest Feminized Marijuana Seeds You Can Buy

cheapest feminized marijuana seeds you can buy

There are a lot of feminized cannabis seeds that claims to offer good traits but there are only a few that are consistent about it. In choosing for a feminized cannabis seed, it is important to also consider its price competitiveness with a wide range of strain selection. Your goal is to b able to find a feminized cannabis seed that does it job while allowing you to ponder upon the value of money. In this article, we’ll be showing you the cheapest cannabis seeds that contain all the characteristics that you are looking for a cannabis plant while bringing back the value for your money.

Sherbet Queen

This feminized cannabis strain is known for giving the mind a fruit-infused burst of stimulation. Its Indica characteristics impact both mind and the body with its seductive aroma, delicious forest fruits flavors and its potency that caters to both recreational and medicinal users. It is a descendant from Girl Scout Cookie that got its aesthetic appeal with its orange pistils that shine when the sun touches it with its radiance.

Its high will provide an uplifting, creative and energetic high, however, a high dosage intake would result in a state of immobility and couchlock. This feminized cannabis strain produces a moderate level of buds per harvest. It has a high resiliency to mold infestations and that i is not high maintenance during the vegetative and flowering stage like most cannabis plants do.

Royal Gorilla

This feminized seed is considered as an insanely powerful hybrid with a high potency carrying a THC level of 25%. It gives a high that will give you total relaxation while giving you a balanced euphoric high. This strain is one of the top choices when it comes to the medicinal word because of its potency.

This is a strain favored by a lot of connoisseurs because of its bodily effects that have the ability to take you active while giving you a relaxing vibe. It has a moderate growing difficulty, your main focus is on the bud production rather than the quantity of harvest. Its aesthetic appeal attracts a lot of consumers because of its massive resin production.

Northern Light

This is a cannabis feminized seed that is known for its quality as seen on its potency and characteristics. Even though this strain is one of the most famous strains available in the market, it maintains to have competitive pricing. This is a cannabis world cup winner for how many years that guarantees its high-quality attributes that really benefit its consumers.

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has the ability to knock you down in a couple of minutes at high dosage. If taken in moderation, it has an energetic high that will make you enjoy the comfortable feeling that you will experience. This is a high-yielding plant as long as proper growing techniques are introduced during its life phases.

Pineapple Kush

This strain may come from two popular cannabis strains but it proves that it has its own identity. This strain is considered as one of the strains strain with its balanced compliment that it gives. Its remarkable effects of euphoric and uplifting high give the mind total relaxation and mellow out mind. It is a great strain that waives the laziness throughout the day. Even though it is good at making you active at daytime, it is also a night tie strain that relieves all your feelings of anxiety and depression.

It is not difficult to grow this cannabis strain because of its resiliency to pest and mold infestations. This strain may be considered as a legendary strain but there are still a lot of seed bank breeders that still continuously use Pineapple Kush in different research that further enhances its characteristics.

Girl Scout Cookies

This cannabis strain is truly an icon in the cannabis industry because its quality genetics contributed a lot to its overall package. This s a perfect strain if you want to have quality and quantity harvest. This is a go-to strain for those who are recreational and medicinal users because of its cannabinoid contents. It has at least 28% THC level with 1% CBD level. You will be fascinated with its earthy aroma and dessert-like flavor because of its sweetness.

This strain indeed has a powerful effect that is why you should be able to know how to handle yourself while under it to fully maximize its benefits. Aside from its potency and characteristics, growers love to cultivate this strain because of its growing difficulty that is applicable for both newbies and experienced.

How to Search for a Quality Feminized Seed

List down all the characteristics of a strain that you preferred. Even though they hold the characteristics of feminized seeds, each cannabis strain still has its own uniqueness. One trait may not be available on all strains so you must know your go-to strain by heart.

In choosing for feminized seeds, it is advisable to choose a strain type that has an easy to moderate growing difficulty so that you don’t have to invest much on your growing set-up.

It is important to look into different aspects of the cannabis strain for you to know which is the exact strain that you are looking for. You may need to conduct your research and read some feedback from previous consumers.

Once you have chosen your feminized seeds, make sure to follow all the guidelines in growing it. Not all cannabis strains are the same when it comes to growing it that is why you must be knowledgeable in growing techniques to have a desirable harvest,


With the evolution of the cannabis industry up until now, there has been a lot of improvement especially with how the different kinds of strains fit the lifestyle of consumers. These strains are further enhanced to cater to different kinds of consumers. One of the strain types that has been continuously evolving is the feminized seeds wherein experts are still finding ways on how to ensure that this strain type is not only focused on buds quality but with all the aspects of the cannabis plant.

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