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What is CBD?

People have different feelings toward marijuana, depending on one’s exposure to the drug. When weed or marijuana is mentioned, most people instantly think about getting “high”, while growers and users focus on the most popular cannabinoid in pot, THC. The THC cannabinoid is the component that is responsible for getting people “high” and provides a lot of positive medicinal benefits. But one component that is slowly gaining traction is the CBD cannabinoid.

The Cannabidiol component, or CBD, is already approaching the popularity status of THC, considering all the positive medicinal benefits it provides without any side effects. The side effect we’re referring to in this case is the psychoactive effect of THC, or basically, the side effect of getting “high”.

CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic medicine, and it is also good for treating nausea. However, CBD doesn’t make patients “high”, which is a big plus for a lot of doctors and people. Not everyone enjoys the feeling of being “high”, so getting all the benefits that marijuana provides without the psychoactive effect is making CBD a popular cannabinoid.

Still, not everyone is convinced about the benefits of CBD or what it does. That is why in this article we will be discussing the five reasons everyone should be using this cannabinoid.

#1 – CBD Can Help Prevent Cancer

As mentioned above, CBD provides a lot of medicinal benefits to people who use them. One of the benefits is that it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

A lot of research has been done to see how effective marijuana is when it comes to dealing with cancer, and one of the cannabinoids that have been experimented on is CBD.  A lot of the results are positive, and one of the principal points researchers say is that the CBD cannabinoid has specific proactive effects that can prevent the development of some types of tumors.

Some researchers show that CBD also has properties that can kill tumor cells, thus inhibiting the growth of cancer and preventing it from spreading. This is also the reason why some are even using the CBD cannabinoid to help reduce the size of individual tumors.

The beauty of this is that CBD is doing all of this without providing any adverse side effects that usually accompany cancer treatment. More studies are being conducted to ensure a more accurate result, but the initial findings are already a cause for celebration and excitement.

#2 – CBD Relieves Anxiety and Hangovers

Unlike some of the cannabinoids in marijuana, CBD can help relieve anxiety in people. It has properties that can counter THC’s anxiety-inducing properties and reduces its effects. It is an excellent addition to the household, especially if there are people who frequently get anxiety attacks.

The cannabinoid is also an excellent medicine for people who want to get rid of hangovers. This is because research shows that CBD not only reduces anxiety, but it can also relieve nausea and soothe headaches. This makes the cannabinoid an ideal treatment for hangovers.

#3 – CBD can be Used Without Smoking

Smoking is probably the most common and widespread way for people to consume marijuana. However, with CBD there’s no need for that. CBD is edible, can be used as a tincture, as hemp oils, topical, in vaporizer cartridges, and so on.

This makes the cannabinoid excellent for people who are not smokers or are not used to smoking.

#4 – CBD can Act as a Painkiller Without the Side Effects

The CBD cannabinoid has also been proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can work as some of the other painkillers available in the market, or even better. Plus, CBD relieves pain and discomfort without providing any side effects.

So for people who are looking for an alternative medicine that is effective against inflammation, they can try searching for drugs or oils that contain CBD.

#5 – CBD Doesn’t Get People High But can Work Well with THC for Treatment

Lastly, as mentioned above, CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effect that the THC cannabinoid provides. This alone actually puts the cannabinoid in a lot of people’s radar.

A lot of people are already considering trying marijuana to treat specific illnesses or health issues they are experiencing. But the possible side effect of being “high” is making a lot of people hesitant. However, with CBD not having the psychoactive effect of THC, people won’t have to worry about using marijuana anymore.

Even if CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effect, it can still work well with THC, especially for specific treatments. The cannabinoid has shown that it can work well with THC by increasing the effectiveness of marijuana for treatment. So for people who are using the cannabinoid THC for their treatment, they can still get the CBD cannabinoid, as this can help increase the effectiveness of THC.


The cannabinoid CBD is an excellent component of marijuana that people should be trying out. The reasons mentioned above are just five of the many positive benefits that the cannabinoid provides. But if there is one good thing about CBD that people should always remember it is that it is an excellent form of medical Marijuana without any side effects.

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