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Top 3 Reputable Seed Banks Profile – Know More About Them

top 3 reputable seed banks profile know more about them

So you’re looking for reputable seed banks to buy your seeds from? Online seed banks have become the popular go-to companies for consumers who want to shop seeds from the comforts of their homes. However, with so many dangers of buying online, it’s very hard to find honest seed banks these days.

But fear not! There are seed banks that have made it to the top, have good reviews and customer ratings and are recommended by many consumers. Here are three of the best to serve you online: 

  • Sonoma Seeds

One of the most trusted cannabis seed banks is Sonoma Seeds. This is a seed bank company is from the West Coast and it prides as a premium cannabis seeds supplier. They have hand-picked their products from only top quality plants with the best genetics.

The seed bank for organic cannabis seeds

Sonoma Seeds is the go-to site for organic seeds. Their motto “grow organically” is all about cultivating only the best-quality seeds from plants grown using only natural ways. Organic growing is free from dangerous chemicals such as fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides which can alter the effects and the overall quality of the strain.

Because of their dedication to quality cannabis seeds, Sonoma Seeds can ensure quality products and seeds that will benefit customers for years and generations to come.

The “Strain of the Month”

It’s good to try out new things which are why Sonoma Seeds encourages its customers to do so with their Strain of the Month special. For the month of June (the time of writing this post), Sonoma Seeds is proud to feature Strawberry Cough. This is a strain with a berry flavor, smell, and buzz.

Strawberry Cough is a sweet treat and is not just a recreational strain. It also has good amounts of CBD making it a good strain for medical use. They encourage their customers to take time commenting their views about their monthly favorites which can help consumers shop for the best seeds for their needs.

Strains you’ll get from Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds is one of the best seed banks to shop for good strains. Aside from Strawberry Cough, you may also buy seeds like Acapulco Gold, AK47, Auto Critical, Blue Diesel, Blueberry, Bruce Banner, Cali Kush, Cream Caramel, Hawaiian Gold, Juicy Fruit, LA Confidential, Northern Lights, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Sweet Tooth, White Widow and Super Silver Haze.

Sonoma Seeds guarantee

Sonoma Seeds offer the best seeds in the planet. They stand by the quality of their products and has a guarantee of 80%. As long as you follow Sonoma Seeds’ germination tips, most or all the seeds you have purchased will sprout.

How to order seeds

When seeds are shipped within Canada, the seeds will be inside Sonoma Seeds packs. If you are ordering overseas, seeds will be delivered stealthily. Seeds will be removed from Sonoma Seeds packs and will be shipped in sealed packaging.

There’s free shipment for orders more than $300. Regular shipping is $10 and takes 3 to 7 days in Canada, up to 14 days in the US and up to 21 days overseas. Express tracking is $30.

Anyone 19 years old and over may purchase seeds here. Payments they accept are credit card, Bitcoins, MoneyGram, Interac and cash on delivery.

  • Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics is another very popular seed bank that consumers order seeds from. Customers all over the world trust Sunwest Genetics because of the recommendations of their friends and family as well as their personal experiences with the company. Find out if this is the right seed bank for your personal shopping needs.

Premium cannabis seeds 

Sunwest Genetics is the home of premium products. You can expect only the best marijuana seeds here including regular photoperiod seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and landrace strains. The company’s motto “From Our Garden to Yours” is about growing the best quality seeds for consumers to grow good, high-yielding plants. The germination rate of Sunwest Genetics is 80%+.

Easy seeds classification

Sunwest Genetics has made it easier for customers to find what they need. They have conveniently classified their seeds into sativas, indicas, and hybrid strains. Sunwest is responsible for a number of high-quality sativa strains found along the West Coast. Sativas help you focus on work enhances creativity and gets you going with vibrant energy.

Meanwhile, indica strains are good strains for sleep and for winding down. It is your kind of strain for reducing stress and anxiety as well. Sunwest Genetics has the most popular indicas as well. And finally, the seed bank also has hybrids which as balanced strains ideal for improving your mood. Hybrids won’t slow you down especially with the legendary hybrids available from Sunwest Genetics.

Sunwest Genetics guarantee

Sunwest stands by their products. These are bred with the best genetics and have high germination rates. The company also prides in the best customer service which is you must also consider when checking out reputable seed banks.

Tons of growing information 

Aside from buying information available for customers from their official site, Sunwest Genetics also features tons of growing information. Currently, they are featuring aquaponics, which is about growing cannabis with the roots exposed to water. There are also posts about 420 celebrations, the best strains to consume on this important day and about different tips on ventilation, lighting, and nutrition.

How to order from Sunwest Genetics

Orders are made from their official website. Sunwest Genetics serves customers around the world. The company agrees that there are countries where it is difficult to order seeds from but they take extra effort to deliver seeds no matter where you are.

Sunwest Genetics customer support is available through phone and also through live customer support. You may call or chat during office hours.

Although the price of seeds from their site is shown in US dollars, the currency will be changed according to where you are located. Sunwest Genetics has a number of payment methods available including Visa, MasterCard, cash on delivery and also using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Canadian customers may also pay using Interac E-Transfers.

  • Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is where you’ll find the most popular strains in the world. It is the online seed bank for medical strain growers, closet growers and also for professional growers who are looking for high-quality strains.

You will easily find the strain that’s right for you because products here are classified under feminized, autoflowering, CBD and regular seeds. You can find seeds at low prices because Crop King Seeds believe that quality does not have to be expensive.

Featured strain

Crop King Seeds are ready to give you the best buying experience and they start with their featured strains. Just some of the best strains available in Crop King Seeds are Gelato Feminized seeds, Crown Royale Feminized, Purple Kush Feminized and Black Indica Feminized.

Why feminized seeds? Feminized seeds are known as the best strains to grow whether you’re a beginner or a professional. It lets you grow without worries of cultivating males which are not what growers and breeders want.

Choosing the right type of seeds

Crop King Seeds lets you shop easily using a simple tool that filters their products according to your needs. First, you can choose whether you want an indica, sativa or hybrid, genetic type such as autoflowering, feminized, regulars, dwarf, mix or CBD seeds, THC percentage, and CBD percentage. Free shipping is offered for orders of more than $300.

Crop King Seeds guarantee

Crop King Seeds stand by the quality of their products. Their products are inspected for quality and are tested and handpicked for maturity and viability. The seed bank recommends using the cup of water and the paper towel technique. If you need step by step instructions on how Crop King Seeds germinate their seeds, check their germination page from their official website.

How to shop for seeds at Crop King Seeds?

Crop King Seeds are available in their special packaging that seals the seeds’ freshness. Regular shipping in Canada is $10 and will arrive 2 to 7days. USA regular deliveries are $10 and will arrive up to two weeks. There are faster shipping options available like Express Registered shipping.

Payments such as the US and Canadian dollars are accepted. You can pay using your Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. You may also pay with Interac E- Transfers if you live in Canada. Customer service is available 24 hours a day through phone, chat service and through their customer service form.

Crop King Seeds has a newsletter.  Subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest deals and discounts plus information on their new products.

These are just three of the best seed banks online where you can purchase the best quality seeds. You may find other sites offering the same service and products but always shop smart and do your best to check out the reputation and reviews for the site. You’ll surely find what you need when you shop from these reputable seed bank sites.


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