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Top 10 Best Haze Strains

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Haze strains are known to be the giants of the cannabis variants. Nearly pure Sativa derivations and an exceptional compelling exhilarating cerebral high determine Haze variants from other strains of marijuana. For people who opt to soar high, rather some couch-locking experience, Haze is the kind of strain they should try.

The best haze strains can provide cannabis enthusiasts with the kind of experience that they would love to encounter. It is no wonder why a lot of users are so particular with these strains.

List of Best Haze Strains

We all know that Haze is one of the common essential cannabis strains. And if you are serious in getting a great bud smoking experience, you should make yourself versant with this strain.

There are plenty of Haze-based strains available in the market that it is difficult to enlist all of them. Hence, to help you delve into the world of the best Haze strains, here is a list of prominent strains that are currently available.

1. Haze

This is the original one. This prominent strain of haze was first introduced in the 1960s through the cultivators of southern California. 

After smoking some Haze, you will feel energized because of the exceptional head high. You can expect to feel uplifted, focused, creative, and euphoric. The strain also has a unique profile of flavor and aroma. A lot of people illustrate it as both earthy and a bit spicy.

Haze founded a heavy following during the ’60s that breeders and cultivators began using it to develop plenty of other hybrids. The genetics of Haze can be seen all over the world in all kinds of various strains.

2. Blue Haze

Blue Haze is a hybrid strain exhibiting powerful genetics, sophisticated aromas and flavors, and robust buds that are cherished by cannabis enthusiasts. It brings together the powerful genetics, amalgamating a Blueberry Indica with Haze.

A fresh quantity of Blue Haze buds can create a compelling aroma that prevailed with Blueberry notes. When it comes to the taste, the strain displays an amusing mixture of citrus and berry flavors with a delicate yet spectacular sweet tinge. 

Also, this strain is a prominent choice of cannabis growers, mainly because of its short flowering period, which is 9 weeks. It commonly grows with a height of 1.5 meters and displays a stretched, slim standing evocative of its fundamental Sativa genetics. If cultivated indoors, the strain will typically produce average yields of around 350 grams per square meter.

3. Royal Haze

Royal Haze is the offspring of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. It is made up of plenty of compelling Sativa genes. This strain creates very invigorating cerebral effects. It helps users to keep their focus and maintain sharpness and creativity.

When it comes to cultivation, Royal Haze can sometimes be a bit simpler than the original Haze strain. That is because this famous haze strain is likely to fuller and more volatile and does not require warm climates. It may take some time to flower, however, its capability to endure a bit cooler temperature will make it more usable for outdoor cultivation.

4. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze exhibits a psychoactive double dipping of compelling tropical Sativas in its genetics. There is also remarkable domination of the Afghan Indica in her lineage. Certainly, this strain records as one of the most Indica dominated of the Hazes in the aging period, compactness of bud, and internode distance. 

The strain is consists of 21 percent THC, which makes it a favorite for creating extracts and hash. The leaves are well-coated with trichomes, which make trimming purely for marketing aesthetics. Hence, even the trim can still come up with an A-grade hash offering a lot of significant available oils and abundant cannabinoids.

Further, Super Silver Haze is known for its sweet, compelling, and fairly spicy fragrance. The sweet skunk fragrance mixed with the earthy haze and blunt Afghani fragrances from the Northern Lights all mix wondrously. Its flavor quite resembles its smell. With its striking but sweet-flavored smoke, it is no wonder why this strain is very popular.

5. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is one of the haze strains that was developed after the original Haze seeds and hybrids have come to Europe. As the story was told, a committed American expatriate in Holland made the strain by bringing these hybrids together with some classic haze seeds. In the cannabis industry, Amnesia Haze is one of the best haze strains ever evolve.

Amnesia Haze exhibits a classic, extensive; blossoming psychedelic Sativa genetics curbed with a hint of compressed mountain Indica. A hybrid and land-races were skilfully amalgamated to formulate a THC potent that has an impact that even the seasoned users will find irrefutable and unrelenting. 

The effects of Amnesia Haze are difficult to evaluate; nonetheless, they are compelling. The experience of the consumer will play an important role. The neophytes may encounter their first green out through this powerful haze strain. Easily pampering because it is so suave and tasty.

The Sativa-dominant ancestry implies an inherent pleasant and long days. The nearer to the equator, the better cultivation of Amnesia Haze, reacting to the potentiality in the tropical Sativa lineage. 

6. Blue Dream

Although this strain does not include the word ‘haze’ in its name, it is still an honored member. Blue Dream was formed by amalgamating Blueberry with the Haze.

The output is a real hybrid. The Blueberry lineages provide this prominent haze strain the flavor and aroma of berries, together with a suave body high. Haze genetics manage things exhilarating and cerebral.

Blue Dream prospers rapidly in the veg phase with superior agility, easily achieving a height that is over 13 feet. Substantial stretch occurs during the period of flowering, which may make indoors difficult. When outdoors, these plants can grow like trees.

With a 50 to 100 percent higher yield comparing to many variants, Blue Dream is known as a high-yielding strain. A wonderful bulk of colas deliver the additional massive harvests, set outdoors by the middle of October.

7. Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze is a Haze hybrid from the 21st century with a flowering period of only 8 to 10 weeks and a yield of 600 grams per square meter. This haze strain is a super Sativa amalgamation of Mexican Michoacan and Haze Brother’s genetics. It is very viscous too. You cannot be mistaken with this strain since it is not your typical Sativa. Cannalope Haze provides a vigorous, cerebral high. 

The strain is famous for its high and flavor, which are quite distinct from the other strains that you may come across. With a THC content that ranges 20 to 28 percent, the strain provides a body high that is extra-ordinary. Nevertheless, it is best to use it night-time because of its effects.

With its short flowering period, this almost pure Sativa is easy to grow indoors or outdoors with warmer climates. Different from other Haze variants, Cannalope Haze is low-maintenance and more compact.

The buds display a light green color with orange hairs. There is also a thick white crystal covering to go along with it. The fragrance is impeccable and ‘hazey’ with a trace of fresh Cannalope fruit. As for the flavor, it is inconceivably fresh and suave while giving a heady high. 

More on Cannalope

However, this prominent strain does not only finish rapidly, but it also creates a bulky covering of resin throughout the psychedelic buds. Its easy-cultivating characteristic and tasty melon flavor shall entice the Sativa lovers to come back for another strain experience.

The strain is not for neophytes. Cannalope Haze does not only calm the body. It also stimulates the mind to act like never before. Users may even encounter an elemental body buzz with a boost of energy. 

Nevertheless, smoking bigger doses can trigger you to feel sleepy and sluggish, which explains why it is a strain for night-time use. 

8. G13 Haze

G13 is an award-winning haze strain. It is a Sativa-dominant variant amalgamating Hawaiian Haze and G13 genetics. 

The impacts of G13 Haze are common in an admirable Sativa. You can expect to feel exhilarated, artistic, and exceptionally happy even after only a few hits from the vape or joint. This first rush of euphoria and energy then gradually mixes with delicate Indica tinges, which help soothe the body and free the mind.

For a lot of users, this can make a dependable strain for daytime use that lets them relish the effects of the strain without resulting in a couch-lock boring through a collection of salted pretzels. Rather, it can help kindle artistry in some consumers, while assisting others to remain focused and relaxed while they are doing their jobs or other things under their responsibility. The average levels of THC are around 21 percent.

The flavors and fragrances of G13 Haze are exceptional. Keep the nose in a bag with these buds and anticipate to drench up a compelling combination of pine aromas mixed with sweet citrus tinges. The taste is the same, although the pine scents can be a bit more exquisite. Overall, this strain is assures to create a tasty vaping or smoking experience.

9. Neville’s Haze

Neville’s Haze is nearly purely Haze, although it contains a bit of Indica genealogies included in the mix. It leads to a powerful Sativa style high that blurs the mind with jubilant giggly joy. Although compelling, the effects are not the type to keep many users grounded as they feel a boost in artistic juices and a requirement to be productive once taken in low doses.

This strain can develop buds that contain a THC level of up to 21 percent. This THC content may leave users feeling very sniggering or euphoric. It became prominent during the late 1990s. The first time it was introduced in the industry, it began lifting awards from everywhere. 

Along with providing users a pleasant euphoric feeling, it is also ideal for alleviating chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. But although it is an impressive strain, it still delivers the common adverse effects of dry mouth and eye, with some consumers encountering headaches, dizziness, and paranoia.

Neville’s Haze can be a true pain to cultivate since it is very fussy about pH levels and may consume up to 14 weeks to complete the flowering. Also, the yield is on a smaller side, normally around 250 grams per square meter. However, with plenty of attention given, it is possible to achieve a yield of around 500 grams per square meter. It is not for the neophyte or average cultivators. It prospers best indoors with the hydroponics grow set up.

10. Dedoverde Haze

This 80 percent Sativa-dominant strain displays 18 to 24 percent THC content. Dedoverde Haze is a mixture of the Amnesia strains and the typical Californian Haze hybrids formed during the ’60s and ’70s. The profound flavors and scents are discernible once the strain is vaped. 

Pine, citrus, fuel, spicy, cedar fragrances emit from this variant. The highs produced are relatively cerebral, fascinating thoughts demonstrate themselves with competence. 

The yields of this strain are averagely sized, and the buds are comparably furry. This strain prospers in Mediterranean climates, where it flourishes and generates excellent-quality weed. This plant may reach a height of 300 centimeters, which brutish. Many cultivators would opt to grow it outdoors over indoors.


The best haze strains have a long story of human culture. Their psychedelic effects have been recognized as spiritual support and means of conferring with greater powers for so many years. 

Although many enthusiasts are simply utilizing it as recreational drugs nowadays, there are still people who will contest that the brilliant, creative energy of haze strains brings the consumers to great inspiration. 

Although cultivating a haze strain can be a confusing prospect, the crisp taste and clear-headed high of a nice haze strain cannot be compared. With enough patience, good planning, and practice, you can enjoy the yield of the excellent quality buds available.

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