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How to Minimize Electricity Consumption for your Cannabis Garden

how to minimize electricity consumption for your cannabis garden

Minimizing the electricity consumption is one of the major concerns of a cannabis grower most especially those who are growing indoors. They might feel like there are no other ways for them to save more electricity when growing indoors, but what they didn’t know is that there are lots of ways and means on how they can possibly cut their electricity bill!

Yes, you can really save lots of your money when paying for your electricity bill. And what’s good about this possibility is that your cannabis plants will never experience any struggle or stress! In other words, their overall growth will still be maintained regardless of the adjustments that you will make around its growing environment.

So while you are getting the perks of having a minimized electricity consumption, you will also get the chance to enjoy healthy and bigger buds for your recreation or medication! That being said, let us now move forward and see the tips below on how we can minimize our electricity consumption in our cannabis garden.

  1. Choose the shorter flowering strain.

If you are just about to start growing a cannabis, you better opt for a strain that has a lesser flowering stage so you can at least minimize your electricity consumption in the long run.

You can go and ask for a suggestion to any cannabis expert to get an idea what type of strain should you use for you to get the best lead. But of course, you can still opt for strains that you truly desire to have regardless of its flowering stage since there are other alternatives on how you can save your electricity even if you are using a strain with a longer flowering stage.

On the other hand, if you are really looking for a strain that you can easily harvest while saving your energy consumption as well, then you can try growing an auto-flowering strain because, in just a matter of 3 months, you can already harvest your cannabis and use it for your chosen purpose.

  1. Use an energy-efficient grow lights.

If you are using fluorescent grow light, you need to change it now and switch to a better type of grow lights that are more energy-efficient to use.

You don’t need to worry about the yields of your cannabis because you will still get the same higher yields and all that even if you will change your grow light. So ask for some recommendation to a cannabis community for you to know the right grow light to use without compromising the quality of your cannabis growth.

  1. Initially lower the power of your grow light if they are still seedlings.

Seedlings don’t need many powerful lights most especially if they are just two to three inches tall. So keep your light lower to reduce your electricity consumption while your cannabis plants are still young. But when they are already growing, increase the power of your light to provide their lighting needs.

  1. Make certain adjustments to the ventilation and temperature of your grow room.

Simple adjustments such as the proper placement of fans and keeping your exhaust system straight and short in line or appearance will make a big difference to your energy consumption.

If you place your fans to an area where you need them the most, you can lessen the use of many fans as possible since you are targeting the right area. Also, if your cannabis plants are still young, you don’t have to fill your growing room with tons of fans because they don’t need much breeze at this stage. So just use the fan if the growing stage of your cannabis is already requiring you.

With regards to the exhaust system, it is much better if you will keep the ducting straight and short so that the travel of air will be shortened. And when that happens, your exhaust system will become more efficient to use since you can minimize the use of your air conditioning system which is a good news if you really want to minimize your energy consumption.

Another thing, if you really want to save more energy while growing cannabis, you can consider growing at a time where the temperate climate is more consistent so you will not be required to use your air conditioning system, plus you can use the light at the cheapest time to help you in managing your electric bills.

Therefore, it is 100% possible to save your energy consumption while growing a cannabis. Just open your mind, do a little computation and adjustments so you can lessen your headache when paying your electric bills. So try doing these pieces of stuff now and see how it can help in minimizing your electricity consumption per month!

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