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Tips and Trick in Buying Cannabis Seeds in Los Angeles

tips and tricks in buying cannab

The use and possession of cannabis are legal for both recreational and medicinal in Los Angeles, California. After long years of the petition, the legalization of cannabis has been approved last November 2016. Los Angeles is another state in California that has an outstanding cannabis industry.

Guidelines in Buying Marijuana Seeds in Los Angeles

For recreational cannabis ages, 21 years old and above are the only ones who are allowed to buy cannabis seeds or to even enter a cannabis dispensary.

For those who have a medical marijuana card, ages 18 years old and above are allowed to possess a medicinal cannabis product.

Consumers are allowed to grow at least 6 cannabis plants per household for home growing.

Consumers are allowed to possess at least eight grams or one ounce of cannabis seeds.

Consumers are not allowed to use or smoke any cannabis product within 1000 feet from any school, youth center, children’s Park or any establishment that children or minors are present.

The export or transportation to other countries or states is prohibited.

Cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles are allowed to sell different kinds of cannabis products such as edibles, topical, creams, etc.

Tips in Buying Cannabis in Los Angeles

Before entering into a cannabis store, makes sure to bring cash because dispensaries or stores in Los Angeles would only accept cash because banks are not yet opened to do business with the cannabis companies.

Do your research if you are purchasing from a cannabis dispensary or store to ensure that they have a license to operate.

Different cannabis establishments may have similarities but for sure they differ when it comes to delivering quality service to their consumers.

For you to know if that cannabis establishment is consistent in providing quality service, it is important to check their feedback score.

Cannabis shops in Los Angeles have different prices.  Make sure that their pricing is reasonable and it compensates with the quality of the cannabis product.

If the cannabis shop has a license to operate it means that it is governed thus, all of their products are tested for its quality.

Facts About the Cannabis Industry in Los Angeles

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the Department of Public Health (CDPH) are the governing body for the implementation of cannabis rules and regulations in California

All cannabis products should have a cannabinoids label. It should contain the specific THC and CBD level of each product and it should be accurate prior to testing.

homegrown cultivation in California is allowed but for businesses such as seed banks or dispensaries, the local government is strict in implementing rules ensuring that they have a license to operate.

Cannabis exportation to other states is not allowed because exporters go away from paying taxes and that the receiving party tends to pay more.

There is regular cannabis education that is being implemented to give out proper knowledge about the use of cannabis and how to be a responsible citizen that follows the states’ cannabis regulations.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Los Angeles

All cannabis products that are being sold in Los Angeles are being regulated by the Department of Food and Agriculture, Bureau of Cannabis Control and the Department of Public Health. These government buddies ensure that each cannabis stores and dispensaries in Los Angeles are following the guidelines set for cannabis rules and regulations. There is a cannabis regulation website in Los Angeles where consumers can review the cannabis guidelines, apply for a license if you would want to put up a cannabis business and to file any complaints if you have concerns or problems regarding your purchase from the dispensaries or stores around Los Angeles.

Because of the governing bodies that guide all the cannabis activities in Los Angeles, you can tell that the cannabis industry in this state is flourishing. Most of the cannabis shops in Los Angeles has its own supplier that supplies them with cannabis products. Like the whole state of California practices.

The Cannabis Industry in Los Angeles

Cannabis Source

When it comes to the cannabis products being sold in Los Angeles most cannabis shops have a private grower or cultivator that supplies them with quality cannabis products. These suppliers also supply other dispensaries that is why the quality of some cannabis products are the same. There are also dispensaries that grow and cultivate their own cannabis to have sole control of their products.

Cannabis taxation and prices

There is a huge difference in pricing and taxing in the different cannabis shops in Los Angeles. If a cannabis dispensary has a supplier, expect that their products are priced higher compared to those who grow their own because of transportation expenses. Cannabis prices in Los Angeles are also priced higher compared to the prices in other states of California because all cannabis products being sold in Los Angeles in tested.

Access to banking

Banks in Los Angeles are not yet open to having business with cannabis establishments that is why paying for cannabis products and services is not permissible through the use of credit cards or debit cards.

Packaging of Cannabis Products

All cannabis shops or dispensaries are obliged to package their products that are inclined with the state’s policies. Some dispensaries have only one supplier that is why the only difference is the way the product has been packaged.

Labeling in the Packaging

For cannabis establishments that do not produce their own products, the growers or cultivators decide what to put on the main packaging if there is no directive from the cannabis shop. It’s up to the seed bank or seed store to re-pack it with their own business name etc. 

Final Thoughts

Buying cannabis products in Los Angeles has its own pros and cons. You will notice that most cannabis guidelines set by their government are almost the same compared to the guidelines of other states but there are still points where the cannabis industry in Los Angeles is unique.


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