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Do These Time Saver Tips if You are a Busy Cannabis Grower

busy people can still grow cannabis

Growing a cannabis for the first time might give you a pressure since when you have finally decided to grow your own cannabis with these grow weed easy tips, you really have to dedicate your whole time taking good care of it and protecting them against the molds and other problems.

So if this is the case and you are really eager to grow your own cannabis plants, you need to look for better ways to deal with your cannabis plants without compromising its quality and great potentials. And the only way to do this is to opt for the best shortcut to lessen the hassle and also to shorten the time of growing a cannabis.

Saver Tips for Grow Weed Easy

So if you are a serious grower but always on the go, here are some time saver tips that you can take into consideration for the sake of your passion for cannabis plants.

  1. Grow your cannabis outdoors.

We all know the fact that indoor growing is more complicated and time-consuming to do. You have to mimic the environment that is created by our Mother Earth to provide the same effects to your indoor cannabis plants. And also need to provide more attention to your plants to ensure that their condition is more secured.

So for busy cannabis growers, you can opt to grow your cannabis outdoors because this is more time-saving. Additionally, if you grow your cannabis outdoors, you can get a chance to harvest cannabis with higher and healthier yields since you are using natural resources and processes.

  1. Use pre-mixed nutrients.

Pre-mixed nutrients are truly a time saver because you only need to add water on it even in big batches. That means every time that you need to give your cannabis a water, you don’t need to mix your own nutrient water more frequently since the pre-mixed nutrients can last for about 1 to 3 weeks depending on the ingredients.

For an instance, if you use pre-mixed nutrients with inorganic components, your mixture can last for about 2 to 3 weeks even if you will just stock it inside a good container.

  1. Grow your cannabis plants using a super soil.


Using a super soil will give you more benefits as a busy cannabis grower. And one of the best benefits of it is that you will get a complete peace of mind when it comes to adding nutrients and using the pH test. Want to know why?

Simply because a super soil is composed of complete nutrients and vitamins. In other words, you don’t need to regularly check the pH level of your cannabis and it will not require you to add more nutrients since the super soil’s vitamins and nutrients are very solid that it can last for longer periods of time.

But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to give your plants nutrients because using a super soil is only a better way to help you in managing your time.

  1. Use hydroponics system in growing your cannabis plants.

Another time-saving option when growing a cannabis plant is through the hydroponics. This system will allow you to quickly harvest your cannabis without exerting too much effort and time most especially if you will use bigger containers.

Because if you will use bigger containers, you don’t need to mix nutrient water in separate batches. That means you can save more time preparing a nutrient water, plus you don’t need to regularly give your plants nutrients since the roots have the full access to the nutrient water.

  1. Select the best strain that will work best for your requirement.

Choose a strain that will not require you to provide more attention because these strains can give you more chances of saving your time while harvesting crops with higher quality.

An example of this strain is a Northern Light which is known to be used by first-timer growers since this strain are very easy to maintain and you can harvest your crops more immediately than the normal standards of growing a cannabis.

Aside from this strain, you can also opt for auto-flowering strains because, in just about 3 months, you will be able to harvest its crops without worrying about its light schedules.

But you have to take note that these strains also needs your attention. It doesn’t mean that you have to disregard them but instead, your obligation will be shortened due to your busy schedule.

  1. Use bigger containers.

Bigger containers can absorb more water and that means your watering obligation will be lessened since your plants are getting sufficient water supply due to your growing medium.

But you have to consider two things when doing this technique. First, if you want your seeds to grow a little bit faster, you need to grow them first at small containers then transplant to bigger ones continue their growth. Second thing is that you can start planting your strain directly to the bigger container but the growing process of seeds will take a little more time.

But after the seeds have grown, you can expect that their growth will become much faster when compared to other growing mediums. So the choice is yours now. If you want to avoid the hassle of transplanting, then go for the second option. But if you want to grow your seeds quicker, then go for the first option.

  1. Use the right grow lights.

Choose the grow lights that will make the growth of your cannabis plants much faster than the usual. An example of this is the use of HID or LED lights.

LED lights are very powerful when it comes to growing plants. This grow light will not require you to make an adjustment but only during its different growing stages.

  1. Maximize your grow space.

Put your gardening tools near your growing area for an easy access. Also, make sure that you have an easy access to the water supply so you can lessen the hassle of going back and forth to your growing space. These little adjustments can make a big difference most especially if you want to save more of your time while protecting the quality of your cannabis.

All things considered, growing a cannabis plant using a shortcut is possible to happen. So make sure that you will take note of these time-saving tips for the betterment of your cannabis plants!

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