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The Truth About Making Your Own Feminized Seeds

the truth about making your Own feminized seeds

Are feminized marijuana seeds cheap? You’ve probably heard so much about feminized seeds and are especially happy about not growing male plants anymore but do you know that there is one problem with using feminized cannabis seeds. These are very expensive.

By looking at the price of feminized seeds from online seed banks, these cost twice as much as regular seeds! And to think that these prices are for only three or five seeds!

With the cost of buying feminized cannabis seeds, many growers and breeders decide on growing or making their own feminized seeds. Is this possible or is it just for professional growers to do?

Feminized seeds explained

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into female marijuana plants. These seeds are one of the most popular products in most local and online seedbanks because of their impressive characteristics. Feminized cannabis plants are all female plants, therefore, you don’t need to deal with male plants anymore. You have all female plants, therefore, you can grow only the number of plants that you will need. No need to waste resources on male plants that you will only destroy.

There is no way to distinguish the female from male cannabis seeds when you use regular seeds. In a pack of regular seeds, you might get around 50% males and 50% females. Because of this, you need to compensate and grow more plants. And instead of buying feminized seeds which are the most expensive you can grow your own.

How to grow your own feminized seeds?

Growing y our own feminized seeds starts with choosing healthy regular plants. You need regular seeds to cultivate regular plants and these female plants will be used to create feminized seeds.

Germinate regular seeds in peat pellets. Soon, these seedlings will grow roots and layers or tiers of new leaves. Once these happen, your young plants are now ready to be transplanted.

You may now transfer your seedlings in your chosen growing medium. For now, we will focus on the most common: soil. To do this, you need the ideal soil to grow cannabis and this is sandy-clayey soil which is a soil that can absorb more water and nutrients but can also drain excess nutrients and water.

Sandy clayey soil has good aerating properties because this is soil which is loose and thus will allow oxygen to move to the roots. Oxygen is beneficial for root health and will help improve the absorption of nutrients from the roots.

To transplant, dig a hole in the middle of the soil at around 3 to 4 inches deep. This should be deep enough to hold the seedlings in peat pellets. Place the peat pellets in the hole you made and place more soil on top.

Place water until you spot water runoff from the holes along the sides of the container. This means that the water has reached the roots and this is the excess. Care for your plants until these have grown to their mature size. When your plants are ready to flower, place these under a 12/12 light/dark schedule to start flowering. Regular plants will start to flower in just a few days as long as you apply a continuous 12/12 light/dark schedule. Once you see preflowers you may now find the gender of your plants.

Remove the males from the batch to prevent accidental pollination. Afterward, you may now proceed with growing feminized seeds. 

What you’ll need

Female regular plants
A bottle of colloidal silver
A small paint brush
A plastic container with a cover


Find the gender of your plants

When your regular plants are starting to grow flowers, soon these will reveal their genders. Female plants have small, wispy flowers along the junctions between the stems and the branches. These small flowers are called pistils and these are where seeds will grow after being fertilized by male plants.

On the other hand, male plants will grow male parts like balls or sacs and these are also found along the junctions between the stems and branches. When these have become mature, these will rupture and erupt. Pollen will burst out of these sacs and will pollinate female plants.

Remove male regular plants from female regular plants

Remove the male plants inside the growing area. Some growers even destroy male plants to prevent any accidental pollination but you may use the stems and the leaves of male plants to make tea, cannabutter and to make edibles. These also contain small amounts of THC or CBD but not as potent as the buds. The leaves and stems of male plants may also be used as bulk plant parts to make oil and to add to joints and blunts.

Apply colloidal silver on your female plants

Use colloidal silver to stimulate male parts. Colloidal silver is a chemical that will start a hormonal response to plants. This will be applied along the junctions of the stems and branches of female plants. Doing this regularly will soon grow small balls or sacs that are male plants but will contain female pollen.

Growing male parts

Female plants will grow sacs and balls and these will soon mature and rupture like male plants. When these start to crack, the pollen will soon burst out of the sacs but before this happens, use a small container to collect pollen.

Harvest feminized pollen 

Open your container and place the sacs or balls in. Remove the entire bud or just the pollen from the bud inside the container. Be very careful when doing this because you want to harvest as much pollen as you can. Cover the container very tightly and label it. Place a tag or a sticker outside the container and write down the date when you harvested the pollen and the type of strain of the plant.  Keep this in a dark and dry place or place this inside the deepest and darkest area of your refrigerator or inside your freezer.

Use feminized pollen on female flowers

Use a small paintbrush to apply feminized pollen to the pistils of the female plants. Use other female plants and not the ones where you harvested feminized pollen from. Place the pollen daily until your flowers start to grow seeds.

Harvest feminized seeds

It will just be a few days when your seeds will be ready for harvest. Just collect the seeds and store these in a dry and safe container. Label your container with the date when the seeds were harvested, the name of the strain plus other important information about the strain you used. Keep your seeds in a safe place if you are not going to use these.

Keeping your feminized cannabis seeds to last a long time

After growing your feminized cannabis seeds you may have more seeds than you can use. You should keep your seeds well so that these will last longer. You must use a good storage container to keep your seeds for a long, long time.

There are many kinds of containers to choose from and the ideal container for seeds are mason jars. These are durable, easy to use, will last for a long time and will keep your seeds viable even for many years. Do you know that with perfect storage, your cannabis seeds will last up to ten years?

You can find different sizes of mason jars and you will find one that fits the number of seeds that you want to store. Use only authentic mason jars that have covers with durable rubber seals. This will keep seeds fresh and viable.

You may also keep your seeds inside plastic bags but if possible use a vacuum tool to remove the air from the plastic. Use the newspaper and wrap this around the plastic bag. Store this inside the freezer.

Store seeds long term by placing these in the deepest and darkest part of your freezer. In this area there is very little change in temperature and humidity, therefore, your seeds will be stored for a long time.

When you want to use your seeds, thaw them following a step by step process. Thaw frozen seeds by placing these from the freezer and placing these in the refrigerator part of your freezer. Once the seeds have become softer take the seeds out of the fridge and place this on the counter to completely thaw.

Once the seeds have thawed, you may now germinate these. You must not use a microwave to thaw your seeds. Doing so could affect the viability of the seeds and also affect its germination. Never place your seeds inside an oven or oven toaster to defrost. Extreme heat may also affect the viability of your seeds.

So if you are still looking for feminized marijuana seeds cheap, it’s time to make a change and learn how to grow your own feminized seeds. At first, it may look very complicated but when you follow these techniques, you will surely find success.

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