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The Realm of Feminized Pot Seeds Genetics

the realm of feminized pot seeds genetics

Pot seeds feminized are now more popular than ever because of the very fact that marijuana is now at an all-time high in terms of demand in places such as Canada, where there is a shortage of legal cannabis. In that sense, there will be a lot of benefits for you in the long run if you are using feminized marijuana seeds to grow your own pot for personal consumption or for sale.

That said, using feminized seeds do indeed have a lot of benefits. But understanding what they are and where they come from is just as important for your success as a marijuana cultivator.

What are feminized seeds?

Marijuana seeds are genetically produced by taking one genetic trait from a male parent and another from a female parent. They are diploids. That is right. Even cannabis plants have two sexes: male and females. In other words, male and female marijuana plants have their own roles to play in the propagation of their species.

First of all, female cannabis plants are the ones that get pregnant with seeds when they get exposed to the pollen released by their male counterparts. They are also the ones that develop flowers or buds where all of the THC, CBD, and other chemical compounds are highest in terms of concentration. In other words, the buds are the ones that are consumed to get the high that marijuana is popularly known for.

Meanwhile, male plants do not have buds. Instead, what they develop are pollen sacs which contain all of the pollen that houses their genetics. When the pollen sacs mature enough, they will burst open to pollinate any nearby female marijuana plant. The impregnated female will then produce seeds and will focus all of their energy into making sure the seeds develop well enough. When that happens, they will forget all about producing healthy and high-quality buds.

So, if your focus is to produce buds and not to produce seeds, you never want to have males in your cannabis grow space. But that can be a tricky problem because there is no easy way for you to tell whether a seed will end up as either male or female. You have to actually wait for them to reach a certain point in their lifespan before you can tell whether they are male or female. And when you do see and notice that some of your plants have male characteristics, you will have to discard them one by one. This can be pretty wasteful especially if most of the seeds you sowed ended up as males instead of females.

To dispense with all of that wasted time, money, and effort, you need to use feminized seeds. That is because feminized seeds produce only female plants. You no longer have to suffer the risk of having seeds ending up as useless males because all your feminized seeds will grow up to be bud-producing females.

What are the methods of creating feminized cannabis seeds?

That said, it is important for you to know how your feminized seeds were produced because the different methods of making feminized marijuana seeds actually affect the genetic makeup of the plant that would eventually sprout out of those seeds.

First off, let us get to know more about how feminized seeds are created.

Rodelization method

The Rodelization method of creating feminized seeds involves using nature to your advantage. What you should do here is to first wait for hermaphrodites to appear in your batch of female marijuana plants. Hermaphroditism happens when a female cannabis plant forces itself to change its genetic makeup so that it will have male characteristics and develop pollen sacs. This usually occurs whenever they are left out too long in their flowering stage. As such, hermaphroditism is their final effort to try to get pregnant.

When hermaphrodites begin to show themselves, wait for their pollen sacs to mature before collecting them. After doing so, use the pollen sacs to pollinate your chosen female marijuana plants so that they will produce seeds. The seeds that were produced using this method will turn out to be feminized seeds.

Colloidal silver method

Using the colloidal silver method involves having to use a chemical solution of water that is mixed with tiny silver particles. You can create this solution by yourself or purchase it online or from pharmacies. Colloidal silver will impede the production of the hormone responsible for developing the flowers in female marijuana plants. As such, they will be forced to produce pollen sacs instead.

What you need to do is to spray the colloidal silver solution regularly to a mature female marijuana plant that has not entered the flowering stage yet. You can do this for as much as two weeks or until the pollen sacs start to show. Wait for the sacs to mature enough that they will look like they are about to burst open.

Collect the mature pollen sacs and leave them in a cool and dry place. Once they have dried up for a few days, you can use the pollen in the sacs to pollinate your nearby female marijuana plants. The seeds produced this way will end up as feminized marijuana seeds.

How do the methods affect the genetics of the seeds?

As mentioned, the different methods of creating feminized marijuana seeds can affect their genetic makeup because of how you are actually doing things that could possibly stress them out and change their genetics.

To start, in the Rodelization method, you are relying on natural means to produce feminized cannabis seeds. However, what you have to consider here is that this natural method also allows the female cannabis plant to alter its own genetic structure in the process of turning into a hermaphrodite. As such, it carries genetics that belongs to both male and female. And when you produce feminized seeds using this process, the seeds will more than likely carry hermaphrodite genetics because marijuana is a diploid organism that carries the genetics of both of its parents.

Meanwhile, the colloidal silver method is the safer way if you want to make sure you minimize the onset of hermaphroditism. That is because you will not be altering the plant’s genetic structure by using this method. Instead, you will only be forcing it to develop unnatural pollens by introducing the colloidal silver solution. As such, the plant stays female as far as its genetics are concerned. And in the end, the seeds you will be ending up with will have pure female characteristics that come from its two female parents.

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