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The Quality Differences of Grown Feminized Seeds in Canada VS the USA  

grown feminized seeds in canada vs the usa

Canada and the USA are both countries that grow high-quality feminized cannabis plants because of the high technology that they are using in cannabis cultivation and that their environmental conditions such as the quality of the air, soil, and water are optimum for feminized cannabis growing.

Growing Feminized Seeds in the USA

The month of October is the best time of the year where different crops such as cannabis are harvested when grown outdoors. Because of the changing climate in the USA, there are only specific months where the environmental conditions are favorable in planting cannabis. Aside from the climate, not all states in the USA are allowed to sell, grow. The only regions that are allowed for some cannabis activities are the Emerald Triangle, Washington, Oregon, Maine, and Florida.

Emerald Triangle

This is the number 1 domestic supplier of cannabis in the USA. One of the reasons why this region has a booming industry in the cannabis world because it has a Mediterranean climate and its surrounding with slope mountainsides where the environmental conditions are optimum for feminized cannabis seeds to strive.


This region is the second supplier of cannabis in the USA. Growers tend to grow and cultivate more feminized seeds due to its quality that can be sold. This region receives enough sunlight with rich soil and abundance of fresh water while it’s neighboring regions are dampened by heavy rains.


This region is ranked number 4 for indoor production of feminized cannabis seed who sell the cheapest cannabis products in the USA. Aside from their cheap pricing, another thing why Oregon excels when it comes to the cannabis industry is because of their cannabis laws that promote comfort to anyone who wants to venture in the cannabis industry.


This region is located in the Northwest where the environment has a decent condition for growing feminized seeds outdoors. They have a nurturing soil and freshwater that is why it is easier to control other factors in growing cannabis.


This is another region that is hospitable when it comes to the cannabis industry. Even though this region is experiencing high temperature and humidity levels, they are still able to produce healthy feminized cannabis plant because of their rich soil.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis in the USA Using Feminized Seeds

There are 33 states in the US, almost 60% of the country is now open for the use of medical and recreational cannabis. The use of medical cannabis started way back in 1850 as a treatment for different diseases such as cholera, typhus, leprosy, tetanus and convulsive disorders. While the use of recreational cannabis started way back 1960’s where consumers enjoyed its effects alongside its effectivity in treating different medical conditions. Nowadays, even though not all states in the are allowed to sell cannabis products, it is no longer considered inconvenient because there are a lot of cannabis stores that offer cannabis products with a wide variety of strains.

Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds In Canada

The reason why the cannabis industry in Canada is being successful is because of both medical and recreational cannabis for consumption, cultivation possession and acquisition is legal. However, cannabis regulations in each province in Canada have its own rules and regulations when it comes to promotion, advertising, and packaging of cannabis products.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Canada Using Feminized Seeds

The medicinal and recreational cannabis is both legal in Canada as mandated by their federal state making it the second country in the world that lets cultivation, possession, and acquisition of cannabis products. Almost all provinces in Canada have cannabis stores or dispensaries either private enterprise or government owned. The federal government has given provinces in Canada the authority to determine the method of distribution and sale that they want as long as they would follow the general policies of selling cannabis to the public. Cannabis products can already be purchased whether online or through physical cannabis store you’ll just have to be keen in choosing for the right cannabis shop that will cater to all your concerns.

Feminized Strains That Can Be Grown in Canada or in The USA

Sweet Skunk Automatic

This strain consists of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis genetics making it a hardy plant. Its well-balanced characteristics contribute to its rich flavors and potency. Within 8 weeks, you’ll get resinous buds that are sticky.

Royal Critical Automatic

This is a perfect strain for socializing while having a relaxing vibe. This is a strain suited for beginning cultivators because it is less maintenance and it has a quick life cycle. Its bushy structure makes it adaptable to regions with harsh conditions.

White Widow Automatic

This is a classic strain that has genetics that is grown in the wild areas that is why it process characteristics of sturdiness. Within 8-9 weeks you’ll get high yields with buds that are compact and is fully covered with heavy resin glands.

Amnesia Haze Automatic

This strain produces an ideal size and height of a cannabis plant and it also manages to produce potent buds even when grown too harsh environment. This is one of the auto-flowering strains that tend to grow into a large plant because of its Sativa genetics. Many consumers hook up to this strain because of its medicinal properties.

Royal Dwarf

This is a petite cannabis strain that can produce extremely high yields in just 5-6 weeks. Its Indica background makes it a potent and a hard strain that has a high tolerance to different molds and pest infestations.

Final Thoughts

The USA and Canada are both countries that are open when it comes to the cultivation, possession, and acquisition of cannabis products. They may have differences about how they handle cannabis but one thing is for sure, both countries excel in providing quality feminized cannabis plants to their consumers.

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