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The Perfect Light Cycle for Your Cannabis Feminized Seeds

the perfect light cycle for your cannabis feminized seeds

Every grower knows that light is very essential in the life cycle of a cannabis plant, whether grown indoors or outdoors but not all know that the lighting hours given to the cannabis plant affect its growth. The feminized cannabis plant is considered as a light-sensitive wherein for it to possess great qualities, it needs to be exposed to critical light hours that would trigger the shift into one growth phase to another. In this article, we’ll talk about the perfect light cycle to be given to feminized cannabis seed.

The preferred Light Cycle In Each Growing Phase For Feminized Seeds

The Cloning/ Seedling Stage

In this phase, you don’t have to worry much about the changing light cycle but it is advisable that as you clone or germinate cannabis your lighting systems should be readily available. But most connoisseurs would insist that it is necessary to expose the cannabis seed into a 24-hour light cycle to ensure that the cannabis plan would get used to a consistent temperature and humidity. If the grower decided to give the plant dark period, the cannabis plant should still be given a total of 18 light hours.

Early Vegetative Stage

This is the stage where the root starts. It is the right growth phase where you should consistently introduce the kind of light you would give the cannabis plant for the rest of the growth cycle. During the early vegetative stage, it is required to give the cannabis plant at least 18-24 hour light cycle but the most used and preferred by growers is the 18 light hours and 6-hour dark period so that it would have a resting period.

Vegetative Stage

During the early vegetative phase, you can choose whether you would give the cannabis plant a total of 12, 18 or 24 light hours but after a week or two, you need to fully give the cannabis plant a consistent light hours of 18 and a total of dark hours of 6. In this phase, you need to observe for that maturity of the cannabis plant. Don’t change the light hours as long as the cannabis plant is not yet ready to proceed to the flowering phase.

Flowering Stage

photoperiodism is introduced wherein the total light hours is equal to the total of darkness which is the 12/12 cycle. If you introduce this light cycle, you won’t be expecting a change after a week but just be consistent with it because the bud formations would just show up all of a sudden.

Tips in Following the Required Light Hours

Growing feminized cannabis plant requires you to change the light cycle throughout the growing phase, in supervising this you may need to use a grow light timer to serve as your reminder every time you would change the light cycle. It is important that in following the light hours, you just need to be consistent to have consistent results as well.

If you are growing indoors, the color of the light bulbs would greatly contribute to the growth of the cannabis plant in each phase, In the vegetative phase, it is preferred to choose bulbs that are bluer than red while in the flowering phase, it is better to choose light bulbs that are reddish than blue.

If you want to harvest early, you may deprive the cannabis plant light during the last phase of the flowering phase so that the buds would short cut its maturation period.

If you are growing indoors, the need to mimic the natural sunlight is important, so be sure to invest in grow lights that give out the same level of light rays like the sun.

Lighting schedule for Indoors or Outdoors

You can grow feminized cannabis seeds whether indoors or outdoors using the same lighting condition. In growing cannabis indoors using an artificial grow light is the more ideal way of controlling the light cycle because you can just go ahead and click the power on and off of the switch.

While in outdoor growing, you are entirely dependent on the natural light cycles with the season. Growers who would grow outdoors would know very well the seasons such as winter solstice or summer solstice for them to know when is the right time to plant cannabis without sacrificing the lighting schedule.

Final Thoughts

The light cycle serves as a tool to have complete control over how your cannabis plant responds to its environment. For a feminized cannabis seed, whether a light cycle of 12/12 or 18/6 it would boil down to its purpose of ensuring that the cannabis plant gets its full potential whatever growing phase it is in. By knowing the light cycles involved during the vegetative and flowering phase ensures to give you the best harvest that homegrown cannabis plant offers.

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