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The Effectivity of Colloidal Silver in Making Feminized Marijuana Plants

the effectivity of colloidal silver in making feminized marijuana plants

The use of colloidal silver does not only benefit those who are in the agricultural sector specifically in the cannabis section but it also has human health benefits which determines by the food and drug administration. It is widely used in the cannabis industry because of its known contribution to the production of feminized seeds. In this article, we’ll further discuss how ingestion of colloidal silver works and what are its benefits.

The Use of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver marijuana is a minerally-based organic solution that is commonly used by different breeders and seedbanks in creating feminized seeds. The use of this solution is the most popular way of creating feminized seeds compared to other techniques such as the rodelization and the hermaphrodism technique.  It is considered as the safest treatment that can act as a pesticide and chemical fertilizer when mixed with zinc, magnesium, and copper.

The help of silver nanoparticles is needed if there are no male seeds for pollination. The female seed is treated with ingredients or silver salts that will allow it to exhibit male characteristics. You’ll just need to spray the targeted area for 10-18 days in a row using a colloidal that is formulated with 20-30 ppm. There will be an ethylene production that will be needed in producing female flowers that will result in a 99.9% female offspring.

Steps in Creating Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

Step 1

The first step is to decide on which plant are you going to use. It is best to use female plants that have good genetics.

Step 2

Mix you’re colloidal into a pure or distilled water. Make use of a spray bottle so that you can easily apply it in the targeted area.

It is advisable to spray the mixture in the targeted area while it is flowering.

Step 3

Wait for a couple of weeks before the cannabis plant begins to form pollen sacs, which is seen on male plants. This pollen contains genetic material that is 99.9% female.

Step 4

You need to let these pollen sacs to swell like an empty balloon when the leaf section that protects the pollen starts to crack, you would know that it will about to open.

Step 5

When the sacs have opened, gently take the pollen sacs off and let it cool in a dry place for about a week and let it dry. The pollen inside it will be used to pollinate female plants to created new feminized sees.

Tips in Using the Colloidal Silver to Feminized Cannabis Plant

When making colloidal silver for feminized seeds, it helps in the increase of germination rate and it has the ability to reduce mold growth.

When the feminized cannabis seed is planted, you may dilute the colloidal silver in pure water and you can use it to spray the soil so that silver particles absorbed helps in resisting soil-based pathogens. It also helps younger roots to grow more vigorously.

If you have performed training or trimming sessions into your cannabis plant you may spray the wounded parts with colloidal silver so that different bacteria, viruses, fungi, and decaying can be avoided.

There is an observation that cannabis plants that were treated with colloidal silver have a decrease in the maturation period and it tends to grow bigger and healthier.

How to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

Items Needed:

9v Battery Connector

9-volt battery

Pure .9999 or 999 Silver

Distilled water

Alligator Clips

Soldering Iron

The first step is to connect everything. Make sure that the wires at the end will be connected to a series red-black, black-red and red-black. Twist the end and wrap it with electrical tape.

Once constructed together, using the alligator clips put the silver wires through the wood into the water, make sure that no wires are touching each other. Place the silver wires at about 1 inch from the bottom of the glass jar with distilled water.

You may need to leave everything connected overnight. The electric current from the battery will allow the silver ions to be dispersed in the water to create a colloidal silver solution.

Pros of Using Colloidal Silver

You are able to produce feminized seeds just by using two female cannabis plants.

You can control the seeds that you can produce in a consistent manner.

You can easily produce hundreds of feminized seeds especially if to be market commercially.

Cons of Using Colloidal Silver

It is not readily available, you may need to find a reliable source to ensure that you will really buy a colloidal silver that will do its job.

Final Words

The use of colloidal silver that will help you create your feminized cannabis seeds is not only efficient and safe but it is also 100% accurate and effective. There is different colloidal silver available in the market but not all will give you your expected results so it is wise to purchase from a reliable manufacturer to benefit from it. With the help of colloidal silver, it made the availability of feminized seeds everywhere.

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