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Temperature and Humidity Controller of Your Indoor Gardens

Temperature and Humidity

As you continue growing your own set of cannabis plants, you start getting a feel of the conditions that they like and dislike. It isn’t uncommon for growers such as yourself to prepare your gardens. There are a number of ways to fully maintain the needed climates for your precious weed plants. This, of course, is done a lot easier through the use of indoor gardens! Now, in an indoor cannabis setup, you are more likely to make use of a temperature and humidity controller in order to get the most comfortable growing area.

The temperature and humidity are two very important factors that you will need to keep in check throughout the whole life cycle of your cannabis plants. In addition to keeping your plants stay fresh and healthy, getting them to stay in their optimal levels is important. It will help you come up with thicker and more robust marijuana buds!

How Does the Temperature and Humidity Affect Your Plants?

The temperature and humidity controller aspect of growing is a pretty basic thing to do in the cannabis cultivation process. However, understanding why temperature and humidity affect the plant’s growth is something entirely different! Let’s see why these two primary environmental conditions are so crucial to the growth and development of healthy cannabis plants.

Temperature: The temperature in your growing areas affects the level of comfortability the plants have when being cultivated. Obviously, the more comfortable they are, the better structure and yields they will eventually have!

In growing areas with temperatures that are too cold, the plants may not have enough absorbed energy to function properly. This will lead to the growth rate of your plants to slow down significantly. Even if you get the temperatures back up to the ideal levels, it may take a while for the plants to recover and increase their growth rates. Additionally, temperatures that are too cold may shock the plant’s systems and instantly kill them.

On the other hand, warmer and excessively hot temperatures also have the tendency to damage your plants and cause dangerous levels of heat stress. Because of the excess heat, the potency of your buds may tend to decrease! Your plants will slowly deteriorate as they are exposed to temperatures that are too high due to the heat burning out the nutrients from their systems. 

Humidity: Humidity, on the other hand, refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air around your growing areas. Generally, you will have to provide water to your cannabis plants in every stage of their life cycles. However, the amount of water that you should give them will depend largely on the humidity levels present around them!

Higher humidity levels will mean that you should give them less water. On the other hand, lower humidity levels mean that your plants will need less water! Also, water will directly impact the amount of nutrients your plants are allowed to absorb in their roots. It’s a pretty simple concept to grasp. As such, humidity should be pretty easy to regulate.

In addition to the water levels, humidity also controls the susceptibility of your cannabis plants to the development of molds and mildew. These contaminants naturally thrive in damp and moist environments. Make sure to control the humidity levels in order to prevent the presence of such. 


Now that we have a brief idea of the importance of a temperature and humidity controller, it is time to see what tools we can actually use to achieve such. There are a number of equipment pieces that you can make use of as a temperature and humidity controller. Here are some of them:


Measuring: To measure the temperature in your growing area, the best thing to use is a thermometer gun. As it basically functions as a point-and-click type of device, you won’t have any problem figuring out how to operate it. It is a simple yet efficient tool that will not cost you a hefty amount of money, making it the go-to measuring tool for temperature for most growers out there!

Giving/Reducing: As for providing the right temperature in your indoor gardens, you will need a few things. The use of lights and heaters are great for increasing the temperatures around your gardens. If you have a garden of significant size, you might want to install more of them in order to fully cover your gardens. Lights come in three (3) main types: fluorescent, HID, and LED lighting systems. As for the heater, a standard commercial-type model is sufficient for casual growers.

But what if you need to lower the temperatures instead? Well, you can alway regulate thi by using air fans and vents. Through a constant flow of air, the temperatures are likely to drop so having equipment like fans and vents to control this airflow will come in handy.


Measuring: Measuring the humidity levels in your gardening spaces is primarily done with the use of a hygrometer. With this tool, you are able to specifically determine the amount of water vapor in the surrounding air. The great thing about this is that you get to leave it within the most congested place of your garden. Furthermore, you will have the best and most accurate measurements of humidity.

Giving/Reducing: Controlling the humidity levels of your cannabis garden are also pretty easy. If you have enough money to splash into more pieces of equipment, buying a humidifier (increases the humidity) and a dehumidifier (decreases the humidity) can come in handy. Using them alternately can help keep the moisture and water vapor levels in check. However, a simple spray bottle filled with some water can do the trick just as effectively! Simply sprinkling some water onto the surrounding area is all it generally takes.

Hygrometer/Thermometer Device:

Today, we even have a digital device that you can place in your indoor setups which measures both temperature and humidity! We recommend using this as it will be a lot more convenient and easy to keep track of the conditions around your gardens. 

Temperature and Humidity Controller: The Ideal Conditions For Each Life Stage 

Like we said, there are different stages of a cannabis plant’s life cycle. These cycles will demand different levels and measurements of both temperature and humidity. Using the tools listed above will help you keep track of these conditions during each stage of cultivation. Make sure to have them on-hand as soon as possible!

Let’s see what our cannabis plants demand during their various phases:

  • SEEDLING STAGE – During the seedling stages, these newly formed plants or newly-planted clones still won’t have a sufficiently established rooting system to absorb water and nutrients. As such, they will need to absorb these essential elements through their leaves. This will typically call for a high humidity level of around 68% to 70% for maximum water absorption. Also. keep the temperatures at around 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with the lighting systems on and around 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit with the lights turned off. 
  • VEGETATIVE STAGE – Now that your plants have entered their vegetative stages, they have fully developed rooting systems that are capable of absorbing and taking in water much easier. As such, from the 70% humidity level, decrease this by around 5% each week. Keep the overall humidity level around 40% to 60% during this stage. You can start increasing the temperatures and maintain them at around 70 to 78 degrees depending on the surrounding conditions.
  • FLOWERING STAGE – Lastly, we have the flowering stage of your cannabis plants. Because they will start using up the energy to produce weed buds, humidity levels must be kept much lower than the two previous stages of their development stages. A warm, dry environment is optimal for flowering so keep the humidity levels at around 40% to 55%. DO NOT let it exceed 60% as it may dampen your buds and invite the development of molds! A temperature of around 65 to 75 degrees is basically the standard set for flowering plants so try keeping it at that.
  • BEFORE HARVESTING – A few weeks before you harvest your cannabis buds, you should bring down the humidity levels even more to around 30% to 40% while still maintaining the temperatures during the whole flowering stage. This will ensure that smaller amounts of excess water will enter your buds. As such, it will help them dry out and cure a lot quicker 

A temperature and humidity controller will surely come in handy. Comparing to just eyeballing the conditions in your cannabis gardens. Getting your hands on the different tools that we enumerated will aid you. It will keep your plants nice and comfy while they start developing your thick and frosty buds!

We hope that this guide sheds some light onto the importance of temperature and humidity in your cannabis gardens. After reading through, you will have a firm understanding of how to use your temperature and humidity controller properly!

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