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Super Cropping Marijuana Guide

This method is the term for a procedure called HST since you pressure the crop by injuring it marginally in a designed way. As an effect, the crop will develop bushier, including more flowers and maybe perhaps elevated levels of THC.  which is the inevitable reaction of the crop to defend itself in the field, in case something goes bad. As the developer, this method can be used to get better yields as well as more productive buds.

Luckily the weed plant is reacting to a variety of forms of stress with rapid growth for pot enthusiasts. Super cropping becomes perhaps the ancient and more widely employed successful plant pain, the method of yield-enhancing tension. Although super cropping is performed properly it encourages larger sizes of cola.

Sometimes it’s not known whether super cropping performs, hardly that this should. The evidence is the happiness in the eyes of the producers. Generally but many first time users research with one flower and never want until its next one grows with super-crop everything else of their crops. Outcomes are perceptible, with significant capital.

Effects of Super Cropping

You could be worried that squeezing and flipping the crop may result in postharvest losses, however, this is further off the truth. Most farmers claim super crop yields much bigger flowers as the weed reacts to the stress. although this is a shortage of empirical justification for a genetic gain through super cropping, it is enough proof to suggest it will not affect yields when managed correctly.

Super cropping will help you achieve better outputs by helping you to control the foliage and disperse the herb efficiently. Usually, super cropping requires bending stems to a degree of about 90 °. This enhances exposure to such strands as well as the exterior location of rays. 

it not just assists to enhance yield amount but as well as quality. This is but since light designs more equitably over the seed sites, lead times long as well as consistent growth of the ganja over the whole length of outlets. An overall standardized canopy would be the target of every indoor marijuana-plant development technique. It makes the most effective usage of the sun’s energy, optimizing the growth’s yield capacity.

Best Time to Super Cropping

If the flower is already growing upward, you may super crop at any moment. After pinching and folding down the stems it will twist away to experience the brightness. If the crop does not develop vertically any more, that being said, this will not switch approximately and it would then really be well placed to obtain the heat.

There are 2 simple moves towards marijuana plants being super cropped. You ought to press, first, and afterward fold. The snap should be tough as well as the bend should be tender! Using a soft-tie that surrounds the stem until they are bent perpendicularly to help keep up and restrict the stalk back.

Step by Step Guide to Super Cropping

  1. Pick a super crop target well above a branch with exciting development tips.
  1. Pick each tie-down level and configure a soft bind for catching and controlling the cola. That also involves inserting a stake in timber to build a tie-down level. Super crops can also be kept in place using netting. You would need to be inventive about how to help and suppress the flower. When you keep it from collapsing or realigning everything vertically across the further back then you, therefore, accomplished the target.
  1. Press this same super crop spot with either your right index fingers pad and right thumbs pad, and otherwise work to make sure all your other nails are not used.
  1. Intensely squeeze the frame, as tightly if you could at either side. You are expected to hear the plant “Rock” and go fuzzy. It will create a slight unwell to your abdomen by squeezing her so badly to injure your crop. Sharp pinch-On both ends. Once you’re finished it must be gentle and malleable.
  1. it could even be quite tricky to squeeze hard sufficiently for softening the cartilage on fully grown stalks. Be patient, and try to press softly and fold! When you can’t soften the plant by pinching, pick another level for growing super crops.
  1. Delicately drop your cola onto your pre-set smooth-tie help. Tuck the gentle tie sloppily approximately so she’s backed and can’t escape either.
  1. Place the braced frames soft-tie only at the middle point (towards keeping the midway point away!) If this is indeed a long stretch across your super crop as well as the help/restriction, the flower will genuinely attempt to bend and flee, always preferring the midpoint downwards and that the super crop direction. Brace towards this is safest.
  1. Unless the plant’s external skin expands, therefore, the concussion should be wrapped in to safeguard this from the wind. Curing tape was its best tool for this use and is readily accessible and inexpensive.

The herb is curling across the pillar so that the difference within the super crop but also helps/tact dictates how often vertically you draw off. Further, you could even start deciding where and how to develop the cola. Wherever you put the help it will become the cola’s current position.


While cannabis farmers want to guarantee that all these crops thrive before harvest, maintaining them as perfectly stable as necessary in such a 100 percent ideal climate with no various techniques does not yield the best outcomes for you. Alternatively, the good weeds are created when you know how to strain the crops or do super cropping to maximize yields as well as cannabinoids development in the correct way.

It is another of the simplest, and better methods to distress the pot plant towards better harvesting. This relatively straightforward method will raise your crop yield significantly, and both it requires is your index finger, masking tape, a little touch of growing perception and expertise of how much to perform. It is premised on the concept that we just talked about getting stressed by the crop so it’s going insane with pot production.

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