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SunWest Genetics Grow Guide: Sweet Island Marijuana Seeds

SunWest Genetics Grow Guide 1

SunWest Genetics has got a treat in store for you guys! If you are looking for a new strain to get blazed with, then we highly recommend trying out our version of the Sweet Island marijuana strain. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is unlike anything else you have ever tried before! This tropical find boasts a unique terpene and flavor profile with some chilled-out effects. Sweet Island is sure to become one of your favorite strains after using it!

It is the perfect choice for smokers who have a sweet tooth and enjoy tangy and zingy flavors. Also, the relative ease that it offers to your growing operations is something that you won’t take for granted! Within a few minutes of smoking, you will feel like taking a vacation break on an island with all the tropical vibes that this gives off. Let’s take a deeper look at the properties of this Sweet Island marijuana strain and see what all the hype is about! 

Sweet Island Marijuana Seeds Details:

Strain Type: 80% Sativa, 20% Indica

Genetics: Skunk #1 x Unknown Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks (Mid October)

Climate: Cool, Semi Humid, Brisky

Yields: 200 to 300 grams indoors and outdoors

Growing Difficulty: Easy

THC Content: 12% to 19%

CBD Content: Less than 1%

Flavors and Smells: Sweet, Sugary, Tropical, Fruity

Growing Information:

These Sweet Island marijuana seeds are known to be quite easy to cultivate due to the resiliency that they display along with the ability to withstand cooler and moist environments. This makes it great for resisting molds and thriving in outdoor gardens that give growers less control over the fluctuations of the weather. You are best off maintaining the temperatures at around 67 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the plants of his strain nice and comfortable. 

With these properties, Sweet Island is often considered as more of an outdoor marijuana strain. This will allow the stems and branches of the plant to expand to their full potential all the while allowing the weed buds to have a better flow of air circulation and more light exposure around the colas. Because it is a resilient plant, you can expect to be fairly straightforward with the feeding of nutrients to them. They will normally require only the general amounts and ratios of nutrients (particularly, the NPK ratio) during flowering while still benefiting from a 12:12 ratio of sunlight and darkness.

Yields And Flowering Time:

The yields of these Sweet Island marijuana plants can come in pretty medium amounts. Both indoor and outdoor growing can yield up to 200 to 300 grams under the right conditions. However, Sweet Island is quite responsive to training techniques. Growers can easily apply a Screen of Green (ScrOG) in their setups or practice topping during the early stages of the cannabis plants’ lives. This will allow them to maximize their yields without causing too much stress to the plants that may hinder their development.

It will usually take around 8 or 9 weeks for the Sweet Island marijuana buds to fully mature and develop their maximum potency. Growers outdoors can expect their harvests to take place around the mid-weeks of October. 

Genetics And Effects:

The Sweet Island marijuana strain is composed of around 80% Sativa influences along with 20% indica genetics. While it may seem like a pretty lop-sided composition of influences, Sweet Tooth can give you both worlds. This strain is the result of crossbreeding some original Skunk #1 with an unknown Sativa-dominant hybrid’s genetics. The THC levels measure a very modest 12% to 19%, which is not the highest but can still give you a generally enjoyable high. 

The effects of the Sweet Island marijuana strain are dominant, energizing and uplifting. With a zinging buzz that travels through your body, you will instantly feel a strong surge of motivation and focus. It helps keep your mood elevated while also inducing some very happy and joyful thoughts. 

These properties may prove to be very effective in helping medical marijuana patients as well. The mood-enhancing effects can work wonders for any symptoms caused by mild cases of anxiety and depression. The calming finish also helps reduce any high stress levels in your body. While it is not the best option to mitigate the most severe body pains that you are experiencing, you can still find some great relief in the physical buzzes of this strain. 

Adverse Effects:

Despite there being no overpowering effects on both the mind and body (such as severe disorientation and couch-lock), you should still be careful when utilizing Sweet Island marijuana buds for consumption. If you are not accustomed to the head high that usually comes with Sativa-dominant strains, then you may very well experience slight dizziness with some cases of greening out

Additionally, smokers can also experience sensations of dry eyes and a cottonmouth that prevents them from swallowing anything. You can avoid this by drinking a glass of water before consuming some of these Sweet Island buds. 

Sweet Island Marijuana Seeds Flavors And Aroma:

The most underlying feature of this Sweet Island marijuana strain is the mouth-watering flavors and aroma that its buds bring. When you harvest and cure the buds properly, you will get a very tangy and citrus-like aroma. Upon breaking them open, you will notice a very subtle yet firm scent of skunkiness to balance it all out. 

Having the first toke will bring a taste like no other. Replicating the smells that it induces quite well, smokers will instantly notice strong hints of fruits and sweetness in there. A sharp note of citrus tastes immediately envelops your whole tongue as your mouth fills with sweet, smokey goodness! You will wish you were by the beachfront as this strain will make you feel as though you are taking a vacation on a sweet island! The tropical vibes are balanced out by this skunky presence. It is a great contrast to have that compliments with each other very well! 

This Sweet Island marijuana strain is making waves throughout the whole weed market. While it is a brand new strain, not many have the pleasure of getting their hands on it!

SunWest Genetics offers the best version of the Sweet Island marijuana seeds that you can find anywhere online! The guarantee of fresh and healthy plants along with the germination rate that it comes with will appease any grower out there. Go visit SunWest Genetics and order your very own pack of these Sweet Island marijuana seeds! They are sure to be one of the best strains you will ever have the pleasure of growing and smoking!

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