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Storing Cannabis with Mylar Bags

mylar marijuana

Storing cannabis or preservation is one of the main concerns that most users have, especially if they are buying cannabis related products. That is why a lot of cannabis distributors have to think innovatively to lengthen the shelf life of their cannabis. For example, they package their cannabis products in Ziploc and vacuum sealed bags to assure longevity of the cannabis. Aside from that, there are also those who use mason jars for large cannabis orders. All of these packaging techniques are employed not just to prolong the lifespan of the cannabis goods but also to retain the quality.

Another packaging method that is popularly now for cannabis-related products is using mylar bags. These bags are often used for medicinal cannabis drugs as a packaging material. It’s a lightweight yet sophisticated package for your cannabis goods.

Continuing with this topic, this article will discuss some of the basics and the advantages of using mylar bags as a packaging material.

What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar was created by DuPont Chemical Company in the 1950s. It consisted of a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene tetraphalate. Ever since its emergence in the market, this material has been used for multiple purposes. Aside from being a packaging material, it has also been utilized in high atmospheric helium balloons, solar filters, emergency blankets, and insulators.

Why are Mylar Bags used to Wrap Cannabis Buds?

Mylar bags have become a trend not just for food storage but also cannabis bud preservation. This thin, lightweight, and durable material is utilized as a packaging material for many reasons including the following:

  • Prevent Exposure to Oxygen

Since these bags are quite thick and completely sealed, there is an assurance that leaks will not happen. Thus, oxidation will not occur, preventing the buds from getting spoiled as time passes. This is an effective oxygen barrier preventing air from coming into contact with the substance. The thicker the mylar bag is, the lower the chances that oxygen will make it into the bag.

  • Anti-Light Bag

Unlike any Ziploc or vacuum sealed bag, mylar bags are opaque. Consequently, it blocks out light that causes degradation of the cannabis buds. Severe exposure to light could also cause an alteration in color, odor, and taste of the cannabis buds. As you may know cannabis buds are highly sensitive to light, any changes in temperature can cause unwanted reactions which could cause the buds to lose their potency and taste.

  • Absorbs No Odor

Mylar Bags are made fresh with no odor. Unlike plastic bags, these mylar bags do not absorb odor coming from external exposure. Thus, you’ll enjoy the quality and taste of the buds knowing that there’ll be no odor lost during the storage period.

  • Water-Proof Ability

These bags are created with several layers of aluminum foil making them waterproof. Rest assured, that exposure to any form with molds, bacteria, or fungi is impossible. These bags are created to provide convenience to all its users and to assure that they’ll not get sick upon using their cannabis buds.

  • No Toxins

For the most part, when compared to plastic bags, mylar bags are not made up of any chemical toxins or ingredients. Thus, you can be certain that the consumption of your cannabis is safe and secure.

  • Freezer Friendly

If you want to refrigerate your cannabis buds, then putting these bags safely into a freezer or refrigerator is something you can do. The bags are water resistant so you’ll essentially have no problem with it.

  • Re-Usable Bags

After you use the bags, you cac always reseal it using a sealer. This will allow you to utilize the bags again as needed. All you have to do is clean, wash and wipe out the corners of the used bags.

How to Use the Mylar Bags?

If you are considering wrapping your cannabis buds with Mylar bags, then here are some of the basic procedures for using and sealing your Mylar bags.

STEP 1. After drying and curing your buds for at least 8 weeks, then re-analyze the buds for any mold formation. Check for any moisture development on the bags. Make sure that it’s completely dried out to assure that there is no mold formation upon storing your buds.

STEP 2. Prepare the cannabis buds (either powdered or sliced into small pieces) and lay it over the mylar bags. Using a sealing device, completely pack and tightly enclose the buds.

STEP 3. Store the bags in a cool place or you can safely put the bags in a refrigerator or freezer depending on your preference. Make sure you put the bags in a safe location out of pets reach.

Where to Buy Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags can be bought in various thicknesses and sizes. There are 1-gallon bag sizes that can be bought for your cannabis buds or small food products or 5-gallon sizes for grains and wheat. As for the bag’s thickness, it could be bought in multiple thicknesses. That being said, it is important to remember that as the bag gets thicker, the bag gets more durable, making it able to block any form of light and oxygen. However, the thicker the bag, the more expensive the bags will get.

You can usually purchase Mylar bags at any of your local hardware stores. You also have the option of buying these bags online if they’re not readily available in your area.

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