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Store your Marijuana Buds Properly

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How to Store Marijuana Buds Properly?

So now all the effort and patience you have spent growing your marijuana plants have paid off. You have finally harvested good quality marijuana buds from your much beloved plants and now plan on storing them for future sales or for future personal use. Proper storage of cannabis buds is also a very crucial stage as you do not want all your hard work to be for nothing in the end. Store marijuana buds is a very important factor especially to those growers who plant cannabis for leisure and not for profit as it is impossible to use them all at once.

By taking care to employ the right conditions for storage, you could store cannabis for as long as six months and they could still be as good as they were in day one. As self-explanatory as it may seem, you should keep in mind that what matters most when it comes to cannabis storage are the environmental factors involved. These environmental factors consist mainly of temperature, air, humidity and light in the atmosphere of your storage area. So let us tackle them one by one and learn how to store marijuana buds the proper way.


Temperature could be considered the main factor to be concerned of since it could easily be affected by all the other factors being considered. It is very important for two main reasons, one is that because the presence of mold highly depends upon how you manage the temperature inside your storage area. The growth of mold is highly likely on the surface of your marijuana buds when they are subject to temperatures of around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore it is not very safe for your buds to just store them at room temperature. It is advised that you should store harvested marijuana buds in a cool place to avoid encouraging any mold growth and other pests.

The second thing that makes controlling temperature really important is that storing your buds at low temperatures keeps them fresh because it keeps the THC intact. THC degenerates faster on hotter environments so that you won’t be able to find your marijuana buds as useful for very long.


Although some people may find that air is not a very important factor to proper storage, this conception is extremely wrong. Air plays several important roles in keeping marijuana buds fresh and potent for as long as possible. It is advisable to store harvested buds inside airtight containers as exposing them to air may speed up the degeneration of THC due to too much exposure to oxygen. Air also contributes to another factor which is humidity so it is extremely important to have reliable airtight containers on hand.


Among all others, humidity is also one of the most important things to consider when storing marijuana buds. It is affected by air temperature and the amount of moisture in the atmosphere which makes it very crucial. Improper control of humidity may lead to infestations on your buds such as mold and other funguses. Make sure to maintain the humidity in your storage area at around 59% to 63% humidity to prevent marijuana buds from rotting.


The last but not the least factor to consider when storing marijuana buds and keeping them smelling good and potent is light. Ultraviolet light can be damaging to fresh buds as it compromises the potency and strength of the cannabinoids present in the buds. If you leave marijuana buds exposed to light for too long, it will degenerate faster and break down the THC. So when choosing a storage area, make sure it is in a dark place to slow down the degeneration process.

You might be thinking, so what exactly is the best container to put my marijuana buds in? Well there are several appropriate answers to that question. Most people prefer to use a glass jar. But not just any glass jar, it must be something with a gasket and one that locks properly so that it is airtight and to prevent any excess moisture from invading the buds. Also, glass is very reliable due to its thickness and porosity. However, if you opt to use a sealed glass jar, make sure that you store them in a dark place as glass jars are useless at keeping light away from the marijuana buds being stored inside.

Another option is to use thick plastic resealable Ziploc bags and vacuum pack them. Or if you are not sure about the integrity of Ziploc bags, you could use a vacuum sealer and pack your buds in small amounts so as not to compromise any remaining buds when you can’t use up the whole bunch.

There are also special made cannisters that you can use that caters to  all the factors extremely well. These cannisters are advisable for long term weed storage as they are airtight, sterile and light proof.

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