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How to Store Cannabis Seeds the Right Way

how to store cannabis seeds the right way

After a successful seed harvest you must store your cannabis seeds very well so you can have seeds to use for future grows. You might also be wondering why create seeds when you can buy seeds easily from an online shop? There are many advantages of growing your own seeds:

  • Seeds are becoming very expensive especially for top marijuana strains. You will end up spending a fortune if you purchase seeds time and time again every time you are growing a new batch.
  • Growing your own seeds will preserve the quality of your seeds and strains. Since you will be growing this yourself, you are sure that you have quality seeds to use for years to come.
  • Growing your own seeds organically. Who knows how seeds you purchased online or from a local grower were grown and harvested? Growing your own seeds will make sure that there are no toxic chemicals and dangerous pesticides and herbicides that can only pose a risk to the consumer. You can grow organic seeds and seeds that only use sustainable materials, to grow.
  • Growing your own seeds can be an additional income source. Once you have expertly grown seeds, you will surely have the confidence to grow some more. And why just grow for personal use when you can also grow for profit? You can grow seeds to sell online or to gift to friends.

Storing cannabis seeds after harvest

Cannabis seeds can stay viable even for a decade when stored carefully under dark and dry conditions. There are many ways to store seeds but the ideal one has to be able to resist light and to resist moisture build up.

You can store seeds inside a small container with a resalable cover or screwable cover provided the container is opaque or has a dark color. To prevent moisture, add a few grains of rice inside the container. Cover it tightly. You can also use a zip lock bag or a resalable bag to store your seeds. You can also control moisture by adding a few bits of rice or small desiccant bags inside the resalable bags.

Refrigerating and freezing your seeds

Make seeds viable for years by storing these inside your refrigerator or freezer. There are many reasons why these home appliances are ideal storage facilities for your seeds. Refrigerators and freezers are available in almost all homes and therefore very convenient. You can adjust the temperature of your refrigerator to compliment your seeds’ storing temperature. A refrigerator or freezer can keep your seeds fresh and viable for years and can hold hundreds and even thousands of seeds if you need to store for future grows.

But despite all the conveniences of using a refrigerator or freezer, you must also remember that storing your seeds inside the fridge could place it at risk for developing moisture and the refrigerator light can also stimulate the seed’s germination. The trick is to use rice or desiccant inside the seed container or plastic bag and to use a newspaper to wrap the bag or container to prevent any light from seeping in. After wrapping your container in newspaper, keep this in the coldest and darkest part of your refrigerator or freezer. You must also place a label on your container that contains the date the seeds were frozen and the type of strain.

Thawing your seeds for use

After freezing and refrigerating your seeds for many months or maybe years, you have decided to use them for a new grow batch. How do you revive them from being frozen for years? The key is to gently acclimate your seeds so these can germinate soon.

  1. Remove your seeds from the fridge or freezer and let it sit on the table or kitchen counter.
  2. Do not remove the seeds from their container or bag; just let it thaw on its own.
  3. After the seeds have completely thawed out, examine them and then place them under sunlight or artificial light to kick start the germination process.

You might be tempted to use the microwave or a hair dryer to thaw your seeds out. DO NOT DO THIS because you are shocking or stressing your seeds. Just let this thaw naturally. Remember just to thaw the seeds that you will use.

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