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Are Spider Mites a Threat to my Cannabis Plants?

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Cannabis plants are prone to different pests and insects which can cause damage and destruction. One of these pests are the spider mites and many growers often ask, are they really a threat?

The answer is yes, in fact they are not just a threat, but will destroy your entire crop very quickly if you do not get rid of them right away. Spider mites have sharp mouths which eat the leaves of your plants and suck out its content.

What often makes spider mites so destructive is the fact that they are difficult to see with the naked eye. When spider mites attack your plants, they cause white, orange or yellow spots. Many growers mistakenly think that the damage of spider mites are caused by nutrient deficiency.

Characteristics of spider mites:

    They reproduce rapidly

This is one of the reasons why spider mites are so destructive. Their number will increase in just a short period of time.

    Spider mites have the ability to disappear

Similar to bed bus, killing these insects completely is necessary. If just a couple are left alive, they will appear to be gone but will return with a vengeance after a week or two.

    These insects are voracious eater

Aside from their rapid reproduction, another reason why these insects are so destructive is the fact that they love to eat your cannabis plants voraciously.

    They love webbing

These insects will cover the leaves as well as the buds of your plants with what looks like spider webs.

    Spider mites resist like zombies

In order to get rid of them completely, you must use a powerful insecticide because these insects will become immune easily especially to those mild and low power insecticides. For more information on pests and pesticides, check our article on Thrips.

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