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Sore Throat from Smoking Weed: Diagnosis, Cause, and Symptoms

In using cannabis may it be for recreational or medicinal use comes in different methods. The most common way of consuming weed is through smoking. Though there are lots of benefits identifiable in using marijuana, there are still some negative effects that it can cause. One known and is regarded as alarming is having a sore throat. 

Sore throat from smoking weed is a price to pay especially when there are underlying conditions you are experiencing. It is said that smoking marijuana can be damaging to the lungs and it can irritate one’s throat which is very disturbing. One that has to be prevented for you to have a great smoking experience. 

In this article, we will be talking about sore throat causes, symptoms, and treatment from smoking weed. But before we even go any further, let us have an overview of what a sore throat is. 

What is Sore Throat?

When you feel that there’s a discomfort or a notable irritation in your throat that typically leads to swallowing difficulty, you probably have a sore throat. Sore throat by definition is scratchiness, discomfort or inflammation felt in the throat that is usually intensified once you eat or swallow something. 

Also known as pharyngitis, sore throat has a lot of identifiable reasons why it occurs. But the most common cause is a viral infection. It can be experienced if you are about to get the flu or when you have it already. But when a sore throat is caused by a virus, it usually gets treated by the virus itself. 

As there is a lot of distinction or types of sore throat, some types can be caused by bacteria that typically get healed when paired with antibiotics to prevent it from getting worse. But other types of sore throats might need more complicated operations or medications. 

What you need to know about sore throat from smoking weed

In this section, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, and possible treatment we can do to prevent a sore throat from being worse. 


1. Dryness

As consuming weed is regarded as beneficial to one’s the human body, there are still a few side effects that you should be careful about. Without further knowledge, smoking weed can harm your body, especially your throat. While you enjoy a large dosage of smoking marijuana, keep in mind that it can dry your throat. And that is the first cause of sore throat when smoking weed. Dryness. 

A human throat does not get dry for no reason. In smoking weed, a large consumption by inhalation and breathing through your mouth while smoking can cause your throat dry. As soon as you consume a great dosage of weed by smoking, one way or another, you will get an unpleasant cough. 

Let’s say for example you smoked weed using a pipe. A more possible result is smoking hot smoke. When a smoke heats your throat, it will eventually dry it out. It can also dry out your nasal passages and all the way through. 

Typically, when you have a dry mouth, your body is triggered to produce more saliva to treat the dryness itself. However, let’s not forget those substances that marijuana is incorporated into. Its main composition, which is THC and CBD can inhibit the production of saliva. 

Based on the research made by the Experimental Biology and Medicine in New Jersey year 2006, the cannabinoid composition of marijuana which is specifically THC and CBD has resulted in inhibition of salivary secretion. They have pointed out that since there are cannabinoid receptors found in the salivary glands, more likely, the saliva secretion will be inhibited as soon as these cannabinoid has been detected by the said receptors. 

2. Irritation

The second cause of sore throat when smoking weed is irritation. With the linkage of having a dry mouth and throat, the human throat can also experience swelling when irritated. 

Aside from the terpene and cannabinoid substances found in marijuana, there are also other toxins included. These toxins can irritate as soon as your throat gets dry based on the first cause discussed above. 

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is composed of carcinogenic combustion products. These substances can significantly irritate and leave your throat inflamed once consumed in great dosage. 


As you are already aware of the causes of a sore throat from smoking weed, you can easily grasp its symptoms depending on its cause. When you caught a sore throat, you may experience the following: 

  • Irritation or discomfort of the throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Soreness or inflamed glands in the neck
  • Inflamed tonsils
  • White spots on your tonsils
  • A cracked voice
  • Body pain
  • Coughing
  • Headache
  • Nausea 

Diagnosis and Treatment

While smoking weed can be very enjoyable, having a sore throat during or after smoking is a nightmare. As soon as you have experienced the symptoms of sore throat during or after smoking weed, the following treatment can be very helpful to prevent the sore throat from getting worse. 

1. Water therapy

Dryness of throat leading to the sore throat can help you by being hydrated. Drinking cool water can help you treat dryness. Prevent hot water or any drinks as it can irritate your throat even more. 

2. Gargle

As your throat gets irritated may it be due to dryness or because of harmful toxins found in marijuana, prevent it from getting worse by gargling. You can use lukewarm water and add some salt in it to gargle. 

3. Get rest

Having enough sleep and rest can help you prevent the sore throat from getting worse. Not only that your body can get the rest it needs, but your voice too, so does your throat. 

4. Humidify the air you breathe

As the air goes through your throat when you breathe, breathing a regulated flow of humidified, cool, and clean air can help you from letting the infection worsen up the sore throat. You can also stay in a humid room or bathroom for several minutes. 

5. Try lozenges 

Lozenges can soothe your throat from getting sore. Trying one is a good idea. It can help in saliva production, so it does help your throat from being dry at all times. 


While discovering great benefits of smoking a weed, understanding the bad side of it when taken in great dosage can help you prevent from getting sick like having a sore throat. While you are wanting to have a great and awesome smoking experience, being cautious won’t hurt you if we are talking about the preventive measures from getting a sore throat. 

Though dryness and irritation can cause sore throat, little you know, consuming good quality marijuana can also help you away from having discomfort. Always keep in mind that the weed you consume is the best quality and always be careful while smoking. 

Hoping that this article has helped you so far in understanding sore throat from smoking weed and its underlying causes, symptoms, and treatment. 

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