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Smoking Weed on Empty Stomach: Is it a Good Idea?

A single weed goes by a lot of names and effects. The sole impact a user will receive depends on the strain he/she chooses to consume. According to research, smoking weed is the best way to allow Cannabis in your system. While it proves to bring several therapeutic effects, there are significant ways that consist of heightened limitations. With that, newbie users became apprehensive if smoking weed on an empty stomach is a good idea.  

You may be an active or dormant user, but you cannot ignore the truth behind the proportional and well-balanced positive and adverse effects of smoking weed. Before we proceed to know if smoking weed on an empty stomach is a good idea, here are the outcomes of consuming marijuana, in whatever ways you prefer.

Therapeutic and Beneficial Advantages of Smoking Weed

Since Cannabis contains CBD and THC that are both helpful in alleviating medical ailments, it is no mystery anymore if it can be useful in the medical fields. The chemical components of weeds help ease chronic pains or aches that are persistent. The most medical conditions treated by Cannabis are fibromyalgia, glaucoma, arthritis, and other stubborn body pains. Also, it treats muscle contractions or folks with multiple sclerosis. 

Individuals with emotional and mental disorders can also gain beneficial advantages from smoking weed since the usage of Cannabis in the medical field is prevalent nowadays as a practitioner already regards its capabilities. As proven and tested, smoking marijuana can tend to people with depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, Hyperactivity Disorder or ADD/ADHD, stress, anxiety, and other conditions.

Along with the mentioned ailments, there are also essential abilities marijuana holds, such as being able to fight overly-dangerous illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, seizures, and other medical conditions. A distinguished advancement in treating autism shows promising advantages of Cannabis as it became a part of medical research.

Smoking weed will not only bring enjoyment and connection with peers who are users as well, but it also medicates medical disorders that we thought aren’t curable in the first place. Perhaps, the research-made proclamation of its vast benefits became a bridge to summon leaders into a circle and whisk their “No” decisions into “Yes.” Hence, it’s why numerous countries are already legalizing marijuana.

Adverse and Harmful Disadvantages of Smoking Weed

The major downside of smoking weeds is the possible medical ailment sightings that are gradually making their existence known. In this condition is where moderation will come into view to restrain your dosage intake and be responsible and knowledgeable enough about its catastrophic outcomes.

Failure to consume moderately is going to bring you unwanted illnesses, most likely. At first, addiction will come around, and as it goes severe, restrictions and warnings will no longer stop you. The least affecting side effects are poor decision makings and responses, social anxiety, and irregular appetite schedule, or undoubtedly loss of appetite. Compared to severe circumstances, those are only mild and tolerable.

On the other hand, being out of control will deliver harsh and critically-dangerous harmful impacts like possible memory loss, paranoid, panicky state, erratic heartbeat or constant palpitations, and insomnia. Also, there are times that those impacts are untreatable and are less likely to evade. However, the best solution to ease it at least is abstinence and medical check-ups that will require you to take medicinal pills and healthy exercises. 

If you’re a moderate user and strictly follow proper measurement, then you should not worry a bit since the severe side effects are almost low to none. What we are sure about is that users fail to control themselves, which ended up resulting in harsh occurrences, making moderation a must and a requirement to every individual who smokes weeds.

Why Does Knowing the Pros and Cons matters when Smoking Weeds?

Medical experts are already setting standards and measurement precision when it comes to dosage and consumption schedules that will serve as a guide and warning to weed users, especially those that are inexperienced because they are more susceptible to higher risks.

Knowing the pros and cons of smoking weeds will not only limit your actions and restrict your possible over-dosage capability, but it will also notify you about its dark and light side that you will gain control soon. The choices are in terms of selecting which side you are on and other preferences you will consider.

Besides, the heads up is appropriate since you will know if smoking weed on an empty stomach a good idea or another grave selection that could bring you to the inevitable – which is death.  

Does Smoking Weed on Empty Stomach a Good Idea?

A comparative analysis of alcohol consumption and smoking weeds took place in 1993, where data shows that alcohol impacts took a while before it makes itself known with people who’ve had enough food stored in their stomachs. Surprisingly, the results weren’t the same as those who felt hungry and has not eaten yet. The effects occurred in a shorter time, and it got more potent over time. In this case, Cannabis and alcohol conceived the same outcomes.

The truth is Cannabis smokers’ time of consumption will bring no adversities, unparalleled to what others think. According to research, smoking weeds when your stomach doesn’t contain anything is an effective method to upraise the maximum effects of Cannabis together with its benefits, but indeed not the disadvantages.

Moreover, the debunked assumption that smoking weeds on an empty stomach are a great danger came to a challenge when a study by McCallum RW during the year 1999 emerged. The factual truth about consuming Cannabis on an empty stomach is accurate, but the data shown by the research made little tweaks and modifications to our beliefs.

What the study exhibited is the time of ingestion that happens when you in-take marijuana in an empty-stomach condition, meaning your body will absorb any chemical compositions present that are medically beneficially in the Cannabis. Sure, it intensifies the recreational benefits, but smoking a weed in an empty, to alleviate your ailments is not an efficient way since abrupt absorption will lead to non-fulfilling medical benefits.


Data-backed and research-wise, smoking weed on empty stomach is a good idea because it will not boost adverse side effects but can make you enjoy the session to a full extent instead. It also applies to all methods of consuming Cannabis. Again, moderate use is still necessary. Note that if you intend to use marijuana for medical usage, devouring it without a portion of food in your stomach may end up in pure failure.

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