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What to do About Slugs in Cannabis Plants

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If you have slugs or snails in your garden then be sure to waste no time removing these pests. Slugs and snails love to feast on your plants and can slowly but surely eat everything! These pests are nocturnal which means they only feed during the night. You can easily remove them and save your plants from destruction with these tips:

  • Drown slugs in beer

Slugs and snails love beer and will gravitate to a bowl full of beer and drown themselves in happiness! Simply place an opened can or a small bowl of beer in the corner of your garden and count how many slugs and snails you’ve caught in the morning.

  • Use neem oil

Neem oil is a natural pesticide that you can dilute with water and spray on your plants. Spraying the tops and bottoms of your leaves and stems with a neem and water solution will instantly kill snails, slugs and other pests in your garden. However, do not spray the solution on your buds since it can change the taste, flavour and aroma.

  • Use salt

Salt will naturally dry the bodies of slugs and snails. Sprinkle salt in areas where you see slugs and snails. When morning comes, your snails and slugs will be dead with bodies dry from salt.

  • Let toads, beetles and frogs stay in your garden

Toads, beetles and frogs are natural predators of snails and slugs. Simply let these creatures thrive in your garden and watch as your slug problem and other pest control problems vanish. These creatures won’t hurt your cannabis plants so these are safe.

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