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Shaking After Smoking Weed: Reasons and What to Do

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Have you ever smoked weed and started to shake uncontrollably? Then you are not alone. Shaking after smoking weed is a common occurrence regular cannabis smokers encounter. For beginners, you may be in a state of shock or fear that something might happen to you or there is something wrong in your body.

In this article. We’ll go through different questions that need answers for people who are experiencing shaking after smoking weed. We’ll find the reasons and what to do when shake. Read down below!

Cannabis Use Overview

Using cannabis is a safe and effective way to deal with various conditions that range from pain management, insomnia, stress, anxiety, inflammation, eye-pressure, glaucoma, to name a few. Marijuana has two active compounds, the THC which is responsible for that psychoactive effects, and the other one is CBD, which is great for treating various conditions.

Using cannabis, people rarely get overdosed with marijuana. There are no lethal implications when using marijuana. The most common side effects when smoking marijuana is having a dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, hunger, sleep, and lethargic thoughts. However, there is a far-less known side effect, and that is the shaking.

Have you ever been chilling, smoking your favorite marijuana strain then suddenly you are shaking uncontrollably? When that happens, a lot of things go through your mind, are you dying? Or are these the side effects of smoking? The latter part of it is true. Shaking is a common thing for smokers, lucky for you, you are not alone. Although it can seem awkward and uncomfortable for smokers, shaking is mostly harmless and even goes away in an instant.

Although shaking is a strange phenomenon most smokers encounter, it is important to know the reasons behind it and how can you deal with shaking when you encounter it. What to do and what are the reasons behind those uncontrollable shaking. Thankfully, cannabis-related tremors are short-lived.

We’ll discuss a few factors why people go through shaking after smoking weed.

Potential Factors that Contributes to Shaking when Smoking Weed

So, what exactly causes shaking? Although there is no specific research conducted on why these phenomena happen. However, an subjective and reasonable conclusion can be drawn.


The medicinal properties of Cannabis are almost known to everyone, and it appears that it helps treat various conditions smokers have. One of the benefits when smoking cannabis is its ability to ease anxiety. However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Smoking heavy doses of THC-rich cannabis can spell disaster for smokers, especially for those who are still beginners. Smoking too much cannabis can make people way too anxious or may ignite the fight or flight response.

Anxiety and trembling are often associated with each other. Common trembling regions are parts of the hands, feet, back, and head. If you are experiencing extensive trembling after a session, then it is most likely caused by smoking too much cannabis. This can be alleviated by smoking less in the future. It may also help to change of lifestyle, doing exercise, breathing methods may help deal with the adverse effects of smoking marijuana.

If you are smoking around new people, people you may not know off or smoke in a public place, then you start trembling, then you are experiencing social anxiety. One of the best ways to address this situation is to step outside and let the warm breeze go through you. Be calm and soothe your soul.


Across the world, cannabis can be incorporated into a lot of things, two of which are tobacco and coffee. Both of these substances react with our nervous system. Smoking several loads of cannabis incorporated with tobacco or coffee may be the root cause of your shaking. If you are experiencing this, better lessen incorporating these stimulants into your cannabis joint.

Cold Environment

Sometimes, no matter how uncomfortable shakes are, they are not life-threatening as people would think. Also, smoking is known to drop body temperatures low, making this another potential cause of your shaking. However, it may be a different story if you live in parts of the world where the temperature is at its lowest. If you combine cold environment plus smoking cannabis, you may get to feel the shaking from then on.

One good way to battle this is to try to cozy up before smoking a joint, or get your sweaters and warmers on when you are expecting to smoke heavy doses of weed.

What should I do if I start shaking after Smoking Weed?

There are a few things you can do to combat shaking after smoking weed. Here are a few of them.

  • Shake up and move around. This will cause your heart rate to up a bit. Get it rolling whenever you smoke. Walk, talk, do something that gets your heart pumping!
  • Step outside and enjoy the warm breeze. This will ease your anxiety and let the ambiance take you over. Smell the surrounding, be one with nature.
  • Warm-up. As smoking cannabis lowers body temperature, it is essential to warm up. Going for a brisk walk, hot shower, or hot tub, do something that will give you sweat.
  • Proper dosing. It is important to smoke cannabis at a moderate dose and pace. Heavy smoking may lead to adverse effects. Try to limit smoking.
  • Smoke in a comfortable environment. If you aren’t acclimated in smoking with different kinds of people, then go for a solo trip. Being with only yourself and not with strangers tend to minimize and ease your anxiety.


Shaking after smoking weed might trigger your nervousness and anxiety when you get to experience that phenomenon. However, just chill out! Nothing is happening to you. It is just normal occurrence smokers encounter in their smoker life. You have nothing to worry about. But if tremors still exist, they might as well ask the advice of a licensed physician. Besides, an expert’s advice isn’t hard one to ask, right?

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