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How to Set Up an Exhaust for Your Cannabis Grow Set Up

Exhaust Set Up for Cannabis Growing Plant

Regardless of what type of growing room, size, and set up that you want for your indoor growing of cannabis plants, it will still require you do the same instructions and get the best essentials because this is the only way for you to become successful in doing the indoor growing.

So if you want to become an expert cannabis indoor grower, you need to master first on exhaust set up for cannabis growing plants in growing room since it also plays an important role in the success of your plants.

Let’s have a quick and simple discussion about this matter.

Importance of Proper Room Ventilation

It is highly important for a cannabis grower to set up an indoor growing room with the proper ventilation system. Its significance is the same on how you place your grow light to your cannabis plants and how you take care of it by utilizing right amounts of water supply, nutrients, or even the fertilizers.

That being said, if you will not secure a good ventilation and exhaust system in your growing room, expect that your plants will encounter lots of issues such as the growth of molds and bugs. But if you are 100% sure that your indoor growing room has a perfect ventilation, your plants will grow much faster than expected and of course, you will get higher yields which we all love to see!

Aside from these things, you can also get tons of benefits such as but not limited to:

  1. Good Temperature

For your strain to grow comfortably, you need to ensure that the temperature in your indoor growing room is maintained at a cool temperature because if you will let the hot temperature from spreading in your cannabis room, your plants will suffer from different kinds of illness.

So to get a guarantee that the temperature of your room will be maintained and controlled, your ventilation should be secured enough.

  1. Better Management of Odor

The smell of your grow room will be improved since the use of good ventilation will reduce the pungent odor that is circulating in your cannabis room.

  1. Enhanced Breathing Space

Your grow room environment will be free from toxin which is a good point to consider since your cannabis plants will stay healthy if all the toxins of your plants will be released without any trouble.

  1. Prevention of Molds and Mildew

Perfect ventilation will help in controlling the humidity level in your grow room environment. And when that happens, pests and molds will be highly prevented.

And since we have already made a clear and brief statement on why you should maintain a good ventilation to your growing room, let us now move forward and learn how to set up the fans, exhaust system, and more!

A Simple Instruction on How You Can Set Up The Ventilation System

Before you set up your ventilation, you need to secure the following items first to meet the right requirements of building a perfect growing room with proper ventilation.

  • Exhaust fan
  • Lights with cooling fans
  • Ducting
  • Regular Fans
  • Carbon filters

After you have completed each item on the list then you have to start the set up of the ventilation by following these steps:

  1. Create an intake hole on the opposite side where you are going to install your exhaust fan. But ideally, this hole should be at the bottom of your growing space. And whether it is a tent, cabinet, or what not, always ensure that the hole is slightly bigger than the size of your chosen exhaust fan so that the new air can get inside of your growing room.
  2. Since the natural warm air is usually coming from top position, you need to ensure that you will also install the exhaust fan on top of your growing room or space.
  3. Add ducting and connect everything into it such as your exhaust fan, light, and carbon filter which helps in controlling the bad smell that is circulating in your grow room. By the way, you need to use ducting clamps to be able to connect each of these items.
  4. Set up your lights with cooling fans as per required distance and temperature so that the excess heat that is coming from your lights will be lessened and balanced as well.
  5. Place your regular fans either by just using a standing fan or by mounting it to the walls of your growing space. The purpose of this fan is not to provide too much pressure of air to blow your plants, but this is only utilized to stir the air in your space.

There is more special equipment that you can add to your grow room or space. An example of this is the use of a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels. But overall, the bottom line of this is to ensure that you will follow all the important instructions when creating the ventilation of your grow space for you to get a chance to win your goals and harvest better and stunning cannabis plants for your future use!

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