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Seeds from Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

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During the recent years, the popularity of autoflowering marijuana seeds has significantly increased. This is due to the introduction of new quality strains, leading more to search for ways on how to come up with their own strains, and possibly maintain a good supply of their own strains.

With this said, there is a possibility of getting seeds from your autoflowering marijuana plants. After all, they are still plants that produces seeds. However, it’s not just about the production of seeds that is in question here, but it is the process that you need to implement in order to make sure that you can create autoflowering marijuana seeds in the end.

On the other hand, if you want to create autoflowering seeds from scratch, you can start by making sure that you purchase regular seeds, not those feminized ones. Be alert in spotting the preflowers so that it is possible for you to efficiently identify the gender of your plants. As a general rule, males are expected to show their pollen sacs at about 4 weeks starting from germination, while females start showing their gender at 5 weeks. Understanding this schedule will help you in terms of timing.
After identifying their genders, you can either leave everything to nature, or step in the way. If your plants are located in close proximity with one another, most likely one single male seed will be able to pollinate all of the female seeds in the batch, making them bear seeds all at once.

Out of the batch, choose the best plants that you want to grow. Afterwards, you can now start figuring out how to start cross breeding them so that you can personally come up with your very own high quality marijuana strain.

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