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Sativa Strains: The Secret to How to be not Lazy

sativa strains the secret to how to be not lazy

The Myth

Most cannabis users who are merely users believe that marijuana makes them get high and eventually outs them to relax. Finally, the most common marijuana strains make the enthusiasts lazy and bring them into couch-lock conditions; thus, people use marijuana during night time and use it before sleeping because of its sedating effect.

The Fact

Contrary to it, marijuana energizes users. There are strains available that give maximum energy and combats laziness to the users. In particular, Sativa strains promote energy and motivation. Even science proves that marijuana leads to energized feelings and enhanced motivation. The cannabinoid receptors such as CB1 and CB2 are linked to the brain and produce dopamine levels. The increased dopamine level then offers a feeling of pleasure, which serves as a motivator.

Sativa strains are firmly proven to trigger the release of dopamine, which gives a euphoric high, which is associated with energy rather than being lazy. Moreover, the cerebral high, which comes from the Sativa component, provides a more focused and more active mind and body. Furthermore, Sativa strain enhances invigoration.

Here is the list of Sativa strains that combat laziness:

  • Durban Poison. A Sativa strain with a sweet of pine and mint. Durban Poison is euphoric and stimulating, bringing intense energy and a clear mind. Like other Sativa strains, this cannabis cures people who are suffering from anxiety.
  • Jack Herrer. It is another Sativa dominant strain that is known because of its namesake Jack Herrer – the marijuana activist and author. This strain is also famous because of its rich genetic background, offering boasting energy and focuses once taken into the body.
  • Lemonade. Also known as electric lemonade, this Sativa strain offers energetic physical effects while stimulating mental creativity. It is also proven to cure anxiety and nausea, which usually causes the person to be lazy. And since it has mood-enhancing effects, there is no way for the person to feel sluggish. It will convert all the laziness into a happy and active mood.
  • Mango Haze. Mango Haze is another uplifting variety which gives off a distinct mango aroma with a buzzing cerebral feeling. It is a Sativa strain that will keep you awake and alert instead of keeping you lazy.
  • Red Congolese. This strain has a complete combination of effects and flavors. It is another Sativa-dominant strain that brings euphoria, which promotes focus and active mental condition. With this, instead of feeling lazy, the mind changes the mood into hyper and energetic.
  • Pineapple express. This potent Sativa strain hits hard, yet, it offers lasting energetic buzz that is advisable for creative activities. It brings you the mind to focus and alert despite being high.
  • Super Silver Haze. This strain is commendable with its energetic and long-lasting euphoric effect. It inspires and uplifts the senses of the user. Moreover, it relieves stress and brings you to your most productive state, winning over laziness.

These are just among the Sativa strains that fight laziness with marijuana usage. People usually use marijuana as an escape from being stressed, and so they use so that they will feel lazy and eventually sleep. However, if you are a person that the purpose is to stay awake and not to get lazy, then you have to choose the right strain for you. With a scientific basis and proof, Sativa strains are best at it. Because of its euphoric effect and mood-enhancing properties, it changes the mental condition from being lazy to an active one. Eventually, when the brain gets active, the body responds with alertness too.

The response and mental activity

Also, it is essential to know that not everyone has the same reaction to marijuana. One thing more, the factor of tolerance might also affect the effect of feeling lazy. The secret to how to be not lazy with marijuana is the awareness of the strain’s impact on your body and brain. Note that when you use cannabis, your mind and body go up running in circles because of the high. The mental activity that certain strains produce will counter that feeling of laziness. Focus on any mental activity that gives you a challenge. Better yet, when you are smoking weed, do it when you are playing mind games, or any activity that needs your mind to function. As your mind looks for an opportunity to win over the game, it counters your brain to become lazy and act lazy.

Staying fit

Another thing to remember, aside from being mentally active is to stay physically fit. No matter how potent the marijuana is, and how strong it hit you, if you are fit, nothing can tear you down. Staying healthy does not mean lifting weights and getting those bulging muscles; instead, it is a state of the body to appreciate actions. Being fit means that there is no chance for you to be lazy because the response of the body to cannabis is to be active, rather than to be lazy.

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