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Right Pot Size for Autoflowering Cannabis

If you are growing autoflowering cannabis from scratch, the first thing that you must consider is the size of pot for your plant. Naturally you may be looking for a nice container, like a plastic party cup for instance so you can place your small seed inside and see it bloom and grow. But this is actually one mistake that most new growers have. Read on for a few tips on how to come up with the best pot size for your autoflowering plants.

Find out how Large or how Small your Plant is

As a rule of thumb, you must get to know your plant first even before you plant it this way you will understand its size and its growth requirements so you can cultivate a healthy and mature cannabis plant. You will find information about the size of a mature cannabis strain from many online sources or from growers who have actually grown one.

Rules for Regular Cannabis Strains

When growing regular strains, a few simple rules actually exist. First you should use a gallon of growing medium volume every month that the plant is thriving or you can anticipate your plant’s growth by using a gallon for each foot of growth. Therefore it your plant will grow in 5 months, you need a 5 gallon pot for it.

However, it is never easy with autoflowering plants. Because you also need to consider how long your auto plant will live and the actual size of the plant. You must also consider how big you want your plant to get. This is why many growers prefer auto because these plants tend to be smaller than regular cannabis. Growers with a very limited space can also rely on autoflowering plants because these can provide good yield considering that their light, nutrition and stress-free needs are met.

About Autoflowering Marijuana Growth

Basically, auto plants do not grow more than 18 inches in height. These are mature and ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. If this was the case then the ideal pot size for autoflowering marijuana plants would be 1.5 to 2.5 gallon pots or pots with 5.6 to 9.4 liters in volume.

Transplanting Autoflowering Plants

Making a mistake of planting autoflowering marijuana in small party cup sizes could be a serious one. You must not waste any time transplanting your plants to a larger pot as soon as you can see that the plant is healthy and strong enough to survive a transplant.

A transplant is basically removing the young plant from its small container and transferring it to a larger one and in the case of auto plants, placing it in a container where it can finally grow and flower and be ready for harvest in just 8 weeks.

The key to transplanting is to prevent root lock which could be very detrimental to auto plants. Root lock will prevent the plant from getting enough nutrients from soil and from clean air to come into the plant through the soil. You must transplant to keep this from happening and save your precious plant ASAP.

So transplant your young plant by getting the new pot ready first. Place soil medium and fill the pot halfway. Create a small well in the middle where your young plant will go. Water the soil and the well and let this water drain off the hole of the pot. Let the soil dry for a few minutes.

Remove the plastic cup from the young plant by slowly squeezing the cup and freeing the plant. Gently move around the cup in an effort to free the plant. When the plant is loose, hold the plant and the soil as you invert the plant. Carefully set it in the middle of the new pot and fill it with soil. Allow a few inches from the soil to the first layer of leaves. Water this until you see run off from the hole at the bottom of the pot. As soon as there’s no more water dripping from the hole, return the pot in its grow room and bathe it with light. By planting your seeds directly in a large pot, you will eliminate the need to stress it by transplanting.

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