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Recycling Marijuana Parts: What to do with Weed Leaf

Recycling Marijuana Parts 1

Growers will usually have the main objective of sprouting up trichome- and resin-filled marijuana buds for smoking. Even when you purchase your weed supplies, you will undoubtedly want nothing else rather than the marijuana buds of the plant. However, there are a lot more different parts of the cannabis plant aside from its flowers like the stems, roots and even the weed leaf. What can we do with them? Can you smoke them too?

There are a lot of things to consider when you decide what to do with the rest of your marijuana plant. The various other parts aren’t exactly good for smoking but you will surely have a lot of purpose for them! From having some industrial value to even great health benefits, the cannabis plant truly is a work of wonder. Read on to learn more about how to recycle your weed leaf and stems!

What Marijuana Parts Can I Reuse?

Truth be told, marijuana buds and seeds aren’t exactly the most accessible and cheap commodity. Whether you choose to buy them from local dispensaries or online marijuana seed banks, it will cost a hefty price. As such, growers should make it a habit to reuse and recycle all the different parts of their plants! The health benefits and different medical/lifestyle improving values can  be  found not only in the buds!

This allows us to make the most of our weed crops and make sure that nothing goes to waste. It is quite common for a lot of growers to make use of:

  • Weed leaf (Sugar leaves and Fan leaves)
  • Stems and stalks
  • Roots
  • Growing medium
  • Flowers/Buds

As you can see, you can reuse and recycle just about every other part of the weed plant! Knowing what to do with them is important. It can provide you with a number of uses that you wouldn’t think you could get! From the weed leaf all the way to its soils, all of these can be useful for a lot more reasons than people know of!

Importance of Reusing the Weed Leaf and Other Cannabis Parts

Aside from the marijuana plant’s buds, most of the other different parts of cannabis are either thrown away or discarded. This is mainly due to the lack of people’s knowledge about what to do with them! We will get into more details later. One thing is certain, reusing the different cannabis parts will have some very flexible and versatile purposes. 

For example, cannabis edibles and drinks are known mainly to improve the overall performance of the immune and cardiovascular systems. Teas, coffees, shakes, and other beverages are from boiling weed leaf. This extracts all the flavorful medical properties from the leaves.

On the other hand, stems and branches of the cannabis plants gives up strong fibers and minerals. While it is not as common as it is in the early days, these fibers (especially from hemp varieties) are still being use for hand-weaving or creating building blocks for many kinds of infrastructures.

Impact on the environment:

It also goes without saying that reusing your different cannabis plant parts will also have a profound impact on the environment. It is a very organic and natural way of making sure that your plants are put to good use. As such, the eco-friendly convenience of doing so will create a much more natural cannabis garden to grow.

The Different Uses of Cannabis Parts

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the different ways that both growers and smokers can recycle their weed leaf and

cannabis plants! After going through this section, you might want to think twice about getting rid of all the precious parts of your weed plant! There are surely a lot of gems you can get from this!

Different weed parts means different uses and functions. Listed below are what people commonly use the other cannabis plant parts for:

Fan Leaves

Did you know that a cannabis plant contains two main types of weed leaf? We have the fan leaves and sugar leaves. Fan leaves are the more common, iconic type of leave that is regularly associated with the marijuana industry. These will typically grow around the colas and, depending on what strain you choose, will either be broad or slender.

Fan leaves will normally contain very little (or in some cases, none at all) THC levels and trichome volumes. This makes them non-psychoactive when you decide to consume it! However, they do carry some amazing health benefits commonly tied with cannabis consumption. 

Bottoms up! 

One of the most common purposes of fan leaves is making cannabis juice out of them. Blending them into some potent juices make for a very healthy beverage that improves your lifestyle and clears your skin! Marijuana is also famous in helping weight loss so it is definitely a premier choice for all you health-conscious bodies out there!

Another very common thing to do with fan leaves is to dry them out and brew them into some tasty coffees and teas. The drying process helps bring out all the potency of the leaves. Boiling and brewing them is a very widely accepted method of making use of the leaves without leaving any trails of psychoactive and mind-altering effects.

In fact, many cafes and coffee shops around the world offer different variations of cannabis tea! While still highly regulated, cannabis leaves pose a much lesser risk to adverse effects as opposed to buds. This has led people to look at it as a much safer alternative to reaping cannabis of its highly useful benefits.  

Sugar Leaves

Here, we have the other variation of the cannabis weed leaf that can be found in marijuana plants: sugar leaves. This refers to the batches of leaves that grow around the buds of the cannabis plants. As such, sugar leaves contain a lot more volumes of THC and trichomes in them, making them appear as though they are coated with sugar. 


Because they tend to be a lot more psychoactive than fan leaves, sugar leaves pose different uses. Breaking down these sugar leaves and incorporating them into edibles is quite a common alternative for weed buds. For one, it is usually use as one of the main ingredients of cannabutter. This cannabutter can be use with toasts and other edibles of pastries and cakes. 


Because of their high levels of trichomes, sugar leaves are also use in order to make bubble hash. The trichomes of these leaves are often harvested in order to create “skuff” and hash oil for smoking! Apart from buds, these sugar leaves are probably the only other part of a cannabis plant that can offer a fairly mind-altering high, although not as equally as strong as what you get from buds.     

Cannabis Roots

A lot of you may be surprise to know that the actual roots of the cannabis plants can be reused and recycled! Because the roots of the plant are what absorbs all the important nutrients and minerals during cultivation, there are quite a lot of things you can get from them.

Like the cannabis weed leaf, roots are often use in order to make a staple of teas in the cannabis industry, albeit for much more medical reasons. Boiling them down releases all the intense medical benefits that helps people treat a number of conditions such as chronic pain, gonorrhea, and even heart failure. But, unlike the weed leaf, cannabis roots tend to have a much more earthy flavor.

Topicals and lotions:

The cannabis plant’s roots are also the main part of the plant use an an ingredient for topicals and lotions for soothing effects. It is first ground up into a fine powder substance. From there, the ingredient becomes an addition to the lotion’s manufacturing process. 

Cannabis-infused lotion and topicals are primarily use in order to alleviate any pain and discomfort levels that a person may be feeling. The soothing sensations also help bring down any swelling and pressure that may be being built up in your body.

Additionally, cannabis is known to have some useful skincare effects that can help clear your face and body from any pores and acne.

Cannabis Soil and Growing Medium

If you are someone who regularly grows cannabis plants, then this is probably nothing new to you. However, in many cases, beginners feel as though they are left with the burden of getting rid of their growing medium after every harvest. But you won’t have to! While the growing medium may become insufficient of a significant portion of its inherent nutrients, it will still have a lot to offer! As such, old soils can still be as “good soil” for planting many other batches to come!

What to give your used soil:

Obviously, the soil that you are left with won’t contain as much nutrients and minerals that your next batch of weed seeds will need to fully sprout and develop. As such, you can simply use amendments and add-on nutrients in order to stock up on the needed elements for your growing mediums! 

The first thing that you will have to do is measure what your cannabis growing soils already contain. By using ph meters, thermo-hydrometer, and even oil meters, you can check the quality of the soil. These apparatuses help you measure the amounts of nutrients in the soils. As such, you can decide on what to give and forego when amending the health of your cannabis soil.

There are many store-bought amendments that will provide you with what you need. A main area of concern when reusing soil is making sure that it isn’t overly potent! Leaving too much in your soils can subsequently lead to nutrient burn.


There are measures that you can take up in order to ensure that your cannabis plants don’t go to waste! From having great teas to some very smokable hash, the different parts of the weed plant can surely give you more than just some mind-altering highs. Now you will surely think twice before throwing away these other parts of marijuana! 

Not only can these give you more environment-friendly growth cycle, it also helps you learn to become more thrifty when dealing with marijuana. You can surely save up a few bucks by reusing whatever you’re left with in your gardens.

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