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Real Organic Growing Compared to Using Organic Nutrients


Let us begin by defining what “organic” really means. The term organic marijuana when it comes to plants means that everything employed when growing them are organic or are derived from living things. In other words, not synthetic. This includes the soil, nutrients, supplements, fertilizers, among others. But if you really want to stay true to the term “organic”, you have to do more than buy organic stuff to grow your marijuana with. Let us explore the difference between real organic growing and just growing using organic supplies.

Real Organic Growing

Real organic growing involves mimicking real organic or natural conditions when growing cannabis. This is the case as compared to growing with just organic nutrients. So in order to mimic nature, you have to use what other growers call “living soil”. Living soil contains microorganisms that are essential to growing your marijuana organically. Living soil contains bacteria, fungi and protozoa, among other things, that help make marijuana plants healthy.

How do these microorganisms help? They do their job by helping your marijuana plants break down the nutrients so that it will be easier for the plant to digest. Then the marijuana plant produces waste that are beneficial to these microorganism. It’s kind of a symbiotic relationship.

There are however some disadvantages to using living soil and this include the smell. Since both the microorganisms and the plant are giving and taking organic chemicals from each other, there are also wastes. This produces an undesirable smell. And the plants grow a little slower as compared to supplementing them with synthetic nutrients. But the upside to this is that the buds produced will be the best in its class when it comes to smell and potency. And you do not need any extra nutrients because the microorganisms help in that area.

Organic Nutrients

Growing with organic nutrients just means using regular soil and supplementing it with store bought organic nutrients. You can already see the superiority of real organic growing compared to just using organic nutrients because you won’t have to buy any other nutrients for the former at all. Also, you get better taste and smell when you grow with living soil as well. But don’t get me wrong, you still get great results with using regular soil and organic nutrients too.


If you are a marijuana grower whose main concern is to produce the best tasting, best smelling and most potent marijuana buds possible then you should go with real organic growing or using living soil. However, this could be quite a tedious and complicated process when it comes to preparation. So if you are in a hurry or feel like you are not that much of an expert yet, you should go with using regular soil with organic nutrients.

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