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What is Re-Vegging in Growing Marijuana?

Re-Vegging is a very familiar activity to expert marijuana growers. But if you are a beginner or amateur grower, this term may still be foreign to you. Re-vegging is the process of reverting a flowering marijuana back to its vegetative stage. Pretty neat right? Here we are going to tackle the circumstances and reasons to re-vegging marijuana.

The Accidental Re-vegging

Accidental re-vegging happens more often than you’d think during the flowering stage. This happens when the marijuana plants are exposed to light during the 12-hour dark period in the flowering stage. This could happen where light leaks through during that period. This also happens when your plants in the flowering stage are put out in the outdoors too early. If this unfortunately happens, the re-vegged marijuana plants will be back to the vegetative stage and will grow normally again after two weeks.


Monstercropping is simply taking a marijuana clone from its flowering stem. Sometimes when people do monstercropping, they find that the marijuana clones are re-vegged. A few days later, the clone still continues to grow while re-vegging. But after about a week, the plant begins to grow normally again.

The good thing about this is that the re-vegged clone will grow bushier and grow even more branches that’s why monstercropping is often done on purpose. If you are interested in doing monstercropping on your marijuana plants, here is what you have to do:

  • Cut extra cuttings from the bottom of the marijuana plant
  • Cut off new growth buds
  • Replant them and wait to grow properly in a few weeks

Re-vegging after harvest

People have varying opinions about re-vegging marijuana plants after harvest. The benefits to it include not having to clone, no need to get rid of the plant that’s finished harvesting and they could be even bushier. However, the downsides include really slow growth and they could be stretchy at first. And the yields could be lower compared to the first time.

But if you really want to do re-vegging after harvest then here’s what you have to do:

  • Cut off most of the plant when you harvest making sure to still leave some growth tips aside
  • Remove any remaining buds so that there are only leaves and stems left
  • Wait for normal growth until three weeks

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