Basics on Pruning Cannabis Plants

Yes, definitely. You could definitely trim your cannabis plants to give it a clean-cut and to increase its bud yields. Also, pruning cannabis is done to avoid the plants to get really tall especially that you want to get unnoticed as much as possible. However, pruning cannabis is not simply just cutting a certain part and voila, you are done! There are things that you need to remember and note upon before you start on pruning the plants. This includes the following;

  • Remove the Lower Branches that Receive Less Sunlight

    As the cannabis plant grows, there are certain parts of the plant that will less likely receive a significant amount of sunlight needed for it to grow. As we’ve known, light is a requirement for the plant to produce flowers. Nonetheless, parts that are less exposed to light will definitely not bud out. It is best ahead to cut and trim those part to avoid expending nutrients on those parts.

  • Prune Yellow and Dying Branches or Leaves

    If you’ll experiencing damage or pest infestation, then it’s best to prune over the parts where it experiences yellowing or browning of leaves. If you won’t cut or trim such parts, then you’ll make the plant suffer more and yellowing or the disease will spread around the plants as what you’ve prevented.

  • Never Prune During Flowering

    If flowering period starts, then never ever prune the plant even if it still grows in height. Unless you’ll encounter yellowing of leaves and dying of branches, then that’s the time you need to trim over. Pruning weed plants could stress over your plant during this period and will harm the plant. Budding will also get compromise from this point.

  • Topping the Plants

    While some find it not really convenient, but topping over the cannabis plant will definitely prompt your plants to produce higher yields. Nonetheless, the canopy of the cannabis plant restricts the growth of the lower branches of the plant. Cutting the top off will help the other portions of the plant to grow.

pruning cannabis plant
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