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How to Prune Autoflowering Marijuana

Pinch and also prune for starters, in the event and in every Fashion.

Regular plants must only be squeezed and also pruned during their vegetative problem, that idea is true to autoflowering plants also. Since the gap in which you are able to bulk up your autos is actually little, pick when to utilize these methods wisely. In case your strains launch their flowering phase wherein it did not procure an excellent start to life, quite possibly or even earlier, you have to stay away from pinching and pruning entirely.

For plant life which has a flowering stage, it’s workable to pinch and prune – or perhaps, much more productive to handle a much less upsetting method as LST (low-strain training) in the beginning. Use sport-fishing weights to weigh on the branches and present the lower areas of the place to light. You must be skilled to furthermore spin the branches entirely to obtain them a lot more in horizontal position. Never forget that auto flowering plant life has a brief lifetime and will not recover well from stressful situations. It is recommended to experiment with pruning traditional structure plant life before trying it out with your autoflowering ones.


To prune or perhaps not to prune? Lots of gardeners are actually dabbling with pruning and also teaching autoflowering cannabis strains for high yield. We’re not thinking it is not possible to pull off a massive auto harvest utilizing these techniques. Instead, it is a high threat technique to attain a high yield.

Bending and topping autos with LST are normally a genuine catastrophe combined with an auto ScrOG (screen of green) is tricky. Autoflowering plants get started to bloom so short that they do not remain bendy for long. It is way too convenient to snap out of branches.

An auto ScrOG probably won’t run, as you want, like photoperiod strains would. Plus sometimes, garnering autos to enhance the dry cans in case the plant cannot recover fast enough is a dangerous move. Using ScrOG method is going to have to be an ultra-low profile, which could be hard to work with.

We would prefer to disregard the pruning, so we can stick with recognized but very little maintenance with maximum yield strategies.

Pruning Plants

While pruning (topping, specifically) might be done in a helpful and positive method with autoflowering marijuana plant life, a few modifications are in fact needed when pruning traditional structure marijuana plants. Down the highway, for example, the pruning should occur quite in the beginning in your plants’ lives, to stay away from obstructing its vegetative advancement.

However, a number of farmers suggest that pruning autoflowering marijuana plant life in any method is really a dreadful idea and must be remained far from complete. They say pruning is going to lessen the autoflower crop.

In case you want to support the risk, think about performing it by creating an autoflower strain you can have a trial or test with. On this particular approach, it demanding more hours to gain value and the results will only take place after the pruning has been done. Well, better than damaging all your newborn autos.


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