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How to Protect Marijuana Plants from Pests

protect marijuana pests

Fortunately, there are possible ways you can do to protect your weeds from pests that will damage your weeds. These are the following:

1) Sterilize your soil and fertilizer
If you are using soil as your growing medium, sterilizing before using it is a good way to prevent the presence of pests. Soil may contain some destructive eggs or larvae which will eat up and destroy your marijuana plants.

2) Grow other companion kinds of plants
Another way to protect your weeds from pests is planting plants which can repel predators. The THC content of your weeds is already good repellents however they are not enough. Marigolds and geranium are effective repellents plants you can use to keep away from pests.

3) Make use of the natural predators
If you are growing weeds outdoor, you can ask the nature for some help in order to protect your weeds from pests. Predators like ladybugs love to eat pest like larvae which make them even more beneficial.

4) Fence building
Blocking the big animals is a good way to protect your weeds. This is why you need to build a fence to get rid of them.

5) Use an insect repellent to protect your plants
There are many repellents available on the market and using a permethrin-based repellent is an effective way to protect marijuana plants from insects.

6) Use organic repellents
Repellents made from organic matters are also effective to get rid and protect your weeds from insects. Organic repellents are safe for your weeds this is why many growers love to use it. One of the most common organic pest repellents is neem oil. Neem oil is 100% natural and comes from a common plant in India where neem has numerous uses and benefits.

By protecting plants throughout the grow process this will help you maximize yield of cannabis plants and grow a healthy crops.

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