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The Problem with Cannabis and Pesticide

the problem with cannabis and pesticide

To fight and prevent severe damage from pests and insects for Cannabis plants, several growers use pesticides. Although it is one of the most effective ways to fight this kind of attacks from pests, it is not suitable to use for many reasons. Does pesticide can really be harmful in Cannabis? In what way that may be possible? Find out in this article in start on raising awareness about the danger of using pesticide.

What is pesticide?

Defining pesticide is plain and simple. It is a kind of substance which is made to control pests in the weeds. Pesticide kills or encourages pests through the use of biological or chemical agent like viruses, antimicrobial, bacterium, and disinfectant. It is widely used among growers as controlling agent, however, using pesticides have many downsides as well because it has high toxicity to animals as well as humans.

Health effects of pesticides

Generally speaking, using pesticide gave a lot of negative effects most especially in the human body. According to the research founder by experts, the pesticide is number 9 out of 12 most dangerous and persistent chemicals. Considering this fact, the use of pesticide should minimize since it has bad effects in the human body.

Environmental risks of using pesticide

Using pesticide to control pests is not only harmful to the human body but it is also alarming to the environment. The pesticide will contaminate the rivers and other bodies of water. Using pesticide will not only kill the environment but it will harm the other living creatures in the surroundings. Since it has toxicity to human being and animals it can eventually kill them. This will cause so many imbalances to the environment as well.

As of today, many experts suggest that instead of using pesticide, why not growers use organic to control and kill pests.  Pesticide manufacturers have given enough regulatory policies to control the manufacturers in producing pesticides.

Cannabis and pesticides

Talking Cannabis and pesticides together can be a big problem. Growers who used to apply pesticides in their Cannabis will also cause and bring damage to its users. Pesticides will not only kill insects and other forms of pests but might as well, pesticides can be smoke by Cannabis growers. This is one of the biggest issues in Cannabis growing today since the majority of Marijuana growers used pesticides on their farm.

For example, certain pot growers used pesticides in his Marijuana plants. When it was tested in the laboratories, the result was quite alarming because a hydrogen cyanide was examined in a pot treated with pesticides. This is a serious problem that should be given answers and immediate solutions or consuming Cannabis may result to harm than good. Many people think that it the mother plant was treated with pesticides, more likely the clones do not have pesticides content at all. This is actually wrong. According to the study, cloned Cannabis plants have likely pesticides content if their mother plant was treated with pesticides.

Literally speaking, using pesticides in Cannabis plants will really cause contamination. However, it is not among the concerns of Cannabis growers since using pesticides is one of the easiest ways to kill, prevent and control insects. The place is also a factor in pesticides consumptions.  Most states do not have regulations controlling the application of pesticides to crops. Some of the growers use pesticides which are not even approved to be used for food. But since most places have no regulatory means of controlling pesticides, the “take it or leave it” principle has come. Since Cannabis plants have an increased health benefit, a lot of users enticed to try and use Marijuana and the pesticides content in it can also be consumed.

Consuming Cannabis is consuming pesticides

Different laboratories have studied Cannabis concentrate. According to their latest studies, the detection rate of pesticides in concentrates ranges from 5 to 15 percent while in some concentrates 5 to 15 percent detection rate has been found out. This clearly means that using Cannabis oil which is treated with pesticides in their cultivation process will also let you consume pesticides.  Another thing is the fact that if you will smoke Cannabis which was treated with pesticides, you will also consume pesticides. These scenarios are very alarming because it will cause a lot of damage in the human body in a long process. Even if the pesticides are ingested in the plants in its early stage, in the time of harvest pesticides signs will still show up.

Options for growers

Luckily, there are still options that growers can use in preventing and killing pests without sacrificing the health of the Cannabis consumers. The first option is literally to lie on the grower. If you are a Marijuana grower, you should look for a sustainable and natural option to fight pests and insects attacking in the Cannabis plants. Second is to look for a list of approved pesticides in the market. Another option is to use biofungicide as a way to fight pests. Using organic is also a good way to fight insects and pests. Organic is environmentally friendly and safe to use whatever plants you are growing even Cannabis plants. There are other ways to kill and control pests in Cannabis growing. All you have to do is to be sensitive in choosing each of these choices to become successful and responsible Cannabis growers.

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