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Where to Plant Marijuana Seeds

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This is the burning question for marijuana growers especially for beginners. Where is the best place and area to plant your marijuana seeds? There are two general answers to this question: you could either plant your marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors? What are the differences? What are the various options? Let’s find out the answers below.

Planting marijuana indoors

Indoor growing of marijuana is not as simple as it sounds. Indoor marijuana growing means that you are going to need lots of equipment that need setting up in order to make the area suitable. Here are the things you would be needing:

  • Lighting – what you need the most when you are growing marijuana indoors is good lighting. Light is like food to your marijuana plants so they need lots of it. The three most common types of light to use with indoor marijuana growing are LED lights, HID lights and CFL lights. It depends on you what you are going to use depending on your needs.
  • Ventilation – marijuana plants need a fresh supply of air in order to grow properly. Indoor growing areas that do not have proper ventilation will become muggy and will attract bugs and pests such as mites and molds. This will greatly affect your harvest in the future. You also need a way to dispel the used up air because this residual air that your plants no longer need might poison them.
  • Grow tent – a grow tent is somewhat necessary for a good marijuana growth. With a growing tent, the bright light will be kept inside therefore feeding your plants with maximum light. The tent also keeps the marijuana smell inside as well.
  • Pots and growing media – like any other plant, you are going to need pots to grow your marijuana seeds in and also growing media. There are several types of growing media you can use but the most common type is soil.

So these are just the basic things you would need when you want to grow your marijuana seeds indoors. It can be pretty overwhelming for a beginner, that’s for sure. So if you have the luxury of space outside or anywhere in your house that would enable you to grow marijuana outdoors, you should try and consider it first.

Planting marijuana outdoors

There are several scenarios and kinds of areas wherein you can grow your marijuana sees. Here are some examples you could choose from depending on the area available to you:

  • In your balcony – if you have a balcony in your house or your apartment, it might be a good idea to grow your marijuana seeds there instead of growing them indoors. Growing in a balcony gives your marijuana plants access to enough sunlight and gives you easy access to them as well.
  • On your roof – if you are living in an apartment building that has an open roof area then you could try and ask your landlord if you could put your plants up there. Being put on a roof will make your plants extremely happy as this will give them unobscured access to sunlight. However, this setup could expose them to severe wind conditions, especially if you live in a windy place. So make sure to install windshields if you decide to grow on the roof.
  • In your yard – if you have a large yard that is big enough to plant your marijuana plants in then this would be the most ideal setup. You could allow them to grow as bushy and as tall as you’d like.
  • In an open field – if you live in a vast area of land or if you have access to an open field then it would be a good idea to place your marijuana plants out there too. Just make sure that you could get to your plants easily and that you have easy access to clean water.

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