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Where to Plant Marijuana Seeds Outdoors

When you do not want to deal with all the hassle and commitment of growing marijuana indoors or if you are fortunate enough to have possible growing space outside, then outdoor marijuana growing could be good for you. The most ideal outdoor growing set up would be a garden where your marijuana plants are exposed to as much sunlight as they need and where they are near enough to you that you can water them regularly. However, this is not always possible for everyone. Here are some examples of outdoor growing areas that you could consider:

On your balcony

Similar to a garden setup, growing your marijuana seeds in a balcony gives them enough access to sunlight and can also give you enough access to get to water them. You could use a frosted or semi opaque plastic film in order to keep them from prying eyes and prevent the spread of the scent of weed.

On a roof terrace

Growing on a roof terrace, if you have one, is better than growing on a roof terrace. Your marijuana plants get more exposure to sunlight in a roof terrace. This also means that your marijuana plants are more incognito than when grown on balconies. However, if you live in a country or in a place where strong winds are always the case, it might be a good idea to install windshields to protect your marijuana plants from damage.

In a forest

This idea could sound ridiculous at first, but there are many people who leave near forests or even people who live in forests. This is a great and perfect way to grow your marijuana outdoors. The forest environment is the perfect place for your marijuana plants to thrive. You could grow them as tall and as wide as possible so you won’t have to restrain your plants. And if your forest growing area is near a stream or a body of water then this makes it even more perfect. You would have easy access to clean water and your marijuana plants will thank you for it.

Along a riverbank

Another perfect growing area for your marijuana plants is along a riverbank. Your marijuana plants would have access to enough water and moisture that you won’t even have to water them. You only need to add nutrient supplements to them at least once a month because soils beside riverbanks are extremely fertile.

In a field

If you have access to an open field or better yet, if you own one, you could easily grow your marijuana plants there. In an open field, your marijuana plants get uninterrupted access to sunlight. However, due to the openness of the area, you might need to camouflage your marijuana plants. The easiest way to do this is to place and plant your marijuana seeds near brambles or tall bushes so they are somehow obscured.

Anywhere you choose to grow your marijuana plants outdoors, you will need these five basic things:

  1. Sunlight

Marijuana plants need as much sunlight as they can get. Indoor marijuana growers accomplish this by installing indoor lighting equipment in their indoor marijuana growing rooms. But if you have the luxury of growing your marijuana plants outside, this shouldn’t be that much of a problem for you.

  1. Water

Second to sunlight, your marijuana plants need water in order to survive. But there should be somewhat of a balance in this aspect. You need to avoid overwatering and underwatering. Again, this could be quite the tricky task when growing marijuana indoors. But if you’re growing outdoors, it really depends on your growing area. Like what was discussed above, growing in a riverbank could mean that you don’t have to water your marijuana plants.

  1. Wind

Gentle breezes are really healthy for your marijuana plants. That is one of the great things that you have access to when you can grow your marijuana plants outdoors. But you have to make sure that where you plant your marijuana seeds do not experience that much wind. Too much wind may destroy your plants physically and that is always a bad thing. If this is the case and you have no choice in the matter, you should at least install windshields to protect your marijuana plants.

  1. Soil

Type of soil could vary a large scale depending on where you choose to grow marijuana outdoors or where you have access to growing them outdoors. Before deciding to grow them in a particular area, make sure to determine that the soil is rich enough. If not, you should take care to remember feeding them with nutrients every once in a while.

  1. Access

Last but not the least, you have to make sure that you yourself as the marijuana grower have easy access to your plants anytime. Absolutely do not plant them in restricted areas, especially when the area is not yours because you would definitely be caught for trespassing. Aside from that, good access means that you can water them and feed them nutrients everytime you would need to. Having easy access also means that you would have fair warning when your plants start to be invaded by bugs or pests and can therefore act immediately on the solution.

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