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Paying Extra for Growing Feminized Seeds – Is it worth it? 

paying extra for growing feminized seeds is it worth it

Cannabis products are usually known for their price. In purchasing for a feminized cannabis seed, you are not just like paying for a candy. Acquiring feminized cannabis seed is like an investment where you need to trust the whole process for you to gain something. Make sure that the cannabis product that you are investing in will surely give you the best quality product for you to have a return of investment to say that it is worth it to pay extra in growing feminized seeds.

Are Feminized Seeds Priced Higher?

Quality cannabis strain does not come cheap. But not all high-quality seeds are priced. Not all feminized cannabis strain is priced the same. Most of the feminized seeds that came from good genetics are those that are priced higher. Another reason why feminized seeds are priced higher compared to regular seeds because of feminized seeds give an almost 100% success rate due to its all-female characteristics that are bud oriented. When purchasing cannabis, consumers would judge the quality of the buds and this is how cannabis is usually priced.

Is it Worth It to Pay Extra for Feminized Seeds?

Cannabis products are expensive in a way that an average person with an average income will have a hard time sustaining its the use of cannabis on a regular basis that is why some consumers would always look for the best when it comes to its overall quality. In the wide selection of cannabis products, one of the most popular cannabis types that are known to give worth to your money is feminized seeds where you will be assured that you’ll harvest buds.

Paying an extra penny in buying feminized seeds is worth it if you have an assurance that it is of high quality and its genetics are from an established cannabis strain. If you have paid extra just to acquire feminized cannabis strain, you’ll see it’s worth after seeing your yields. Even though you’ve paid in high amount for your feminized seeds if you will have good yields, then for sure you will have a return of investment just make sure to grow it properly.

Reasons Why Feminized Seeds Are Priced Higher

The pricing of feminized seeds depends on what country you are in. If cannabis-selling and utilization are allowed in your country, then most likely, cannabis products are priced higher because sellers or distributors would have to pay their taxes to the government.

The prices of cannabis products depend on the supply. If there is a high demand but less supply, for sure cannabis products would be priced higher.

The most feminized cannabis plant is popular in the medicinal field because of its efficacy. The final product is tested for its overall quality and potency that is why it is priced higher.

Feminized cannabis strains are usually used recreationally and medicinally. It is priced according to its dual purpose due to its cannabinoid content.

Feminized seeds are a natural bud-oriented. Most of its final product is composed of large, dense and sticky buds which are favored by consumers.

Feminized cannabis seed has an incredible price in locations where the seed banks are inaccessible or if seed banks are located far from each other.

Ways in Making your Cannabis Payment Worth It

If you are thinking for a long term goal, it is advisable to plant feminized cannabis seeds that can be used as a clone so that for your future growth instead of purchasing new seeds, you can just go ahead and make clones that will give you the same results.

There are seed banks or cannabis stores that have a sale, especially during month end. You will have a chance to get your feminized seeds half the price at a good deal.


It is advisable to purchase in places where there are cannabis seed banks or stores nearby, for sure they are competitive to get sales and what they will use as an attraction is a price.

Make sure to have a research, there is still feminized cannabis strain that is of high-quality but is cheaper than high-end strains. Most strains offer the same thing one of the reasons why a specific strain is priced higher is because of popularity.


If you are ordering online, you can save more money if you buy in bulk. Make sure to buy from a legit cannabis store to make sure that the product that you will be getting is of high-quality.

Final Thoughts

You can say that paying extra growing feminized seed is worth it if you can really benefit from it. Most growers would use feminized cannabis seed because it is what makes them get what they want from a cannabis product. Just keep in mind that it is always best to use cannabis that has good quality even though its price rather than using cannabis that is cheap but won’t satisfy your needs.

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