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Origin of the Word Marijuana

When popular society is much further herb-friendly, perhaps the industry in terms of jargon is heading to the spotlight. Yet, precisely why is the word “marijuana” causing so much discussion? Worse still, why did the word attract attention as a derogatory term?

If you are looking for the origin of the word marijuana, You ‘re bound to become a tad let away immediately, as the roots of the term remain somewhat elusive. Differently referred to as “ganja,” “mariguana,” as well as “marihuano,” each term for cannabis (and much more precisely the pungent psychoactive drug from the cannabis crop) has a complex past that has caused others to ignore its usage to prevent racist or discriminatory effects.

There is no question that the popularity of “marijuana” mostly as a common generic term for weed derives from its adoption by Latinos who moved to America throughout the 19th century into American English, however, we are also not clear how the phrase originated to have been in the north through South America.

Theories about the Origin of the Word Marijuana

There are numerous suggestions about the origin of the word marijuana, varying from the adaptation of a new term that occurred thousands of years later to the idea that it is a more modern combination of the terms María and Juana-Mary as well as Jane ‘s famed variants. Now we are discussing several of the most credible possible options from which the term “marijuana” truly originates.

  1. The title may come among an indigenous South as well as Latin American phrase “ (mostly from Latin and hence Quechua cultural minorities) that was embraced by Europeans but also introduced throughout the Mexican native tongue as a phrase for cannabis. Nevertheless, scholars commonly accept that before the introduction by Europeans marijuana was not found within the Americas, and it seems doubtful that an original term unique to the crop would exist.
  1. The same pre-Columbian Mexican language (somewhere “mejorana” meaning “marjoram”) could be the root of the title, as cannabis plants were brought by Spanish settlers into South America throughout the 16th century. That being said, “cáñamo” seems to be the Spanish term for recreational marijuana, as well as this doesn’t seem how much central but also south American people call addicting weed flowers.
  1. Others say that Chinese merchants introduced cannabis mostly to the Americas, where either the herb and the term were embraced, which they named “ma ren Hua” (implying “hemp seed flora”). Ironically, across Central America hemp is often referred to as the “Western Oregano.”

Marijuana’s Timeline

1840 – 1900

“Marijuana” would not occur as a term in American society after 1910. Alternatively, “cannabis” has been used, most commonly in medications and treatments for ordinary household illnesses. What were now becoming generic drug giants — Bristol-Meyer ‘s as well as Eli Lilly — used throughout the 19th century to also include marijuana but mostly cannabis crude extract in everyone’s medicines.

Throughout that time, there was a ganja trend among Americans (especially wealthy Americans). Mixing it up with recreational marijuana had become a trend even among privileged to even afford foreign products, overly dramatized by artistic celebrities like Alexander Dumas.


Throughout the periods 1910 through 1920, more than 890,000 Latinos lawfully crossed the border across the united states pursuing sanctuary mostly from civil war ruins. While weed has become a feature of the U.S. culture from the inception of the republic, the concept of therapeutic consuming the herb wasn’t quite as popular as other methods of use. Upon the influx of refugees who took over heroin addiction with themselves, the idea of consuming cannabis reached today’s mainstream culture.


Throughout California, the very first bill legalizing “locoweed” farming was introduced. The law was a big move by the pharmacist Committee as a means to control opiates which neurotoxic pharmaceuticals, which did not derive from the “refer crazy” or systemic racism “marijuana” perception that laid the groundwork for a full restriction throughout the 1930s.


The economic crisis had already impacted the U.S. but most Americans were looking for somebody else to take responsibility. Because of the flood of foreigners (especially in the middle of the country) and the emergence of provocative jazz songs, several white folks tended to view cannabis (and probably the African Americans as well as Hispanic immigrants which ate it) as a dangerous drug intended to manipulate men’s thinking and bodies.


The 1937 medicinal marijuana Tax Act was the outcome of Anslinger ‘s efforts, and the very first step towards a both-out prohibition. The legislation outlawed indeed the crop within every State in the USA from a national government perspective. This same 1937 tax legislation levied a one-dollar charge against whoever marketed or grew any cannabis plant which prevents the cultivation of marijuana consumption.

Considering the cultural stigma of the language, you could see whether the current weed community refrains from ever using “marijuana.” So now, empowered with the awareness over its hate-based history, it’s become time enough for the latest wave of weed consumers to regain the phrase as yet some of several 1,200 pot names.


Now that we have an idea about the origin of the word marijuana, while nowadays throughout the united states this term “marijuana” is perhaps the most popular name for weed, its background is heavily deeply embedded in ethnicity, politics as well as a complex cultural movement. Many claim that to use the expression disregards a legacy of discrimination against Latino refugees and black people, while others suggest that the phrase has lacked its judgemental punch. It is hard to ignore the importance and cultural significance of its addition to the United State’s vocabulary, despite whether or never you want to choose the term explicitly.

Until proof of marijuana use would be discovered throughout the Americas ever since foreigners arrive or historians create some decent finding, people are allowed to guess regarding into which the term “marijuana” truly originates. Hopefully, this article sheds a little light on the people that do not know the history behind the word “Marijuana”.

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