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What is the Optimum height of Cannabis Plants

There maybe times where we think that the taller our Cannabis plants the better. At some point this may be true but it will mainly depend on the method we use in growing cannabis plants.

 The optimum height of our Cannabis plants will basically depend on the amount of light we can provide to our Cannabis. This is due to the fact that the buds will need the sunlight/light for its optimal potency. For outdoor growing, optimum height is not a big issue as long as all the buds will receive enough amount of light. But for indoor growing the height of your Cannabis should be controlled. 

              “Optimum height of Cannabis plants will depend on its light support”

 As you can see indoor Cannabis, you will always see a long fat at the plant’s peak part and underneath you can see smaller buds. This is because buds need sunlight to grow. If we will let our Cannabis plants to grow taller this will be a waste of time. On the other side, if you are growing outdoor it will be fine to raise taller Cannabis.

 Why we need to consider the height of our Cannabis plant ( especially indoor)?

 The height of our Cannabis plants should be one of our main focus especially if we are growing indoor. For outdoor Cannabis there is no need to watch the height of the plant. Aside from lighting another point to think about the height of our Cannabis plant is our growing space. We need to make sure that our space will be enough for the optimum height of the plants.

 What are the common problems with tall Cannabis plants that are grown indoor?

 There are many problems to face if we will grow taller Cannabis indoors. One of it is the grow rooms, naturally our houses have ceiling and commonly it has a measurement of 8 ft. so basically this 8 ft. is the only space where we can raise our Cannabis plants. Another point is the fact that taller plants are the center of gravity, and at the end we need to use bigger containers for our Cannabis plants.

 What are the ways to limit the height of our Cannabis plants? 

  • Give adequate sunlight
  • Control too much air movement
  • Use negative differential temperature
  • Topping
  • Use chemical growth regulators

 At the end we only need to watch out the height of Cannabis plant if we are growing indoors. Outdoor growing has no problems with plant’s heights since there are no limitations from space, sunlight, containers and etc. However, when growing Cannabis plants it is not necessary to always have taller Cannabis. As long as our plants have healthy and potent buds, we should be satisfied to how tall our Cannabis can reach until the harvest season.

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