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How Often to Replace your Marijuana Grow Lights?

Light is an essential part of growing Cannabis. Without enough supply of lights, your weeds will not grow healthy resulting in stunted growth. For outdoor growing, light is not a big issue to think since there is a constant supply from the sun. For indoor growing, one of the greatest needs a grower should give to his weeds is light. The most important mindset a grower should have is the more the light you give to your weeds, the bigger yield you’ll be expecting, just make sure that you will not burn your weeds.

Marijuana grow lights

Every stage of Cannabis growing should be given different power or type of light source but that doesn’t mean that if you will not replace your lights you cannot harvest your weeds. It only implies that at every stage there is a suited light type, and the way you apply it in your weeds will have a direct effect on your overall growth.

Lights vary in lumens and kelvins or in its warmth and brightness. There are lights which are bright and has a warmth effect (which is not good for the plants), and there are also lights which are bright but will still remain cool (these are the most recommended).  On the other hand, lights will also differ in its wavelengths or color.  The color of the light has also a direct effect on your weeds, especially at every stage. And that is the reason why some growers (unfortunately not all) replace their grow lights in every stage.

With a high cost of some great grow lights, growers choose not to replace their lighting system in the whole life cycle of their weeds. Some growers also, use types of lights that can sustain the light needed in their weeds for the whole cycle.

CFL or fluorescent lights

If you are using CFL lights, they are perfect during plant’s starting growth and seedlings. This means that if you chose CFL, it would be better than you will replace it in the following stages. The main reason with this is the fact that fluorescent lights have low intensity and in order for them to be effective, they should be replaced within 8” up to 15” shade. If you will use this kind of light, you need to replace them in flowering and budding stage of plants.

HID (HPS and MH lights)

They have orange and red glows which make them efficient and effective to use during the flowering and budding stage of your weeds.

These kinds of lights are commonly used by many growers. LED lights are known to be bright but they are also cooled light. This is the reason why many growers desire to use it. LED grow lights are effective in both vegetative and flowering stage.

Vegetative stage

This stage is a crucial one and it is essential to give your weeds a good lighting system to ensure that your weeds will grow and develop healthily. During this stage, you can use MH, HPS, LED and CFL lights.

On the other side, you can use MH light in this stage and switch HPS lights in the flowering stage. This will give a great effect in the growth of your weeds.

How often should you replace grow lights?

As stated above, there are lights which are not efficient to use in a certain stage of Marijuana life cycle, in this case, you need to replace your grow light depending on what type will suit for the certain stage. However, if you are using lights that can do well in all stages there’s no reason to necessarily replace your light. The lighting system will cost a lot in Marijuana growing and it is important that every grower should be wise enough to choose what kind of light to use which can be versatile enough to support the growth of your weeds in the whole cycle.

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