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What Nutrients are Required to Grow Cannabis

nutrients required grow cannabis

Like any typical living thing here on earth, cannabis plants thrive on minerals and nutrients to grow well. Without the presence of even one of these nutrients, the growth and development of your cannabis plants will be compromised. It is a major requirement that your plants should be supplied with enough of these nutrients to grow well. Fertilizer, either using too much, the wrong time, the wrong kind or not enough is a common problem that marijuana growers have. Much of the process for people learning to grow is trial and error while looking for the best advice on how to solve problems that arise.

The Fertilizer Elements to Grow Cannabis

Fertilizer is made of nutrients that are most needed for your plants to grow and develop. Not just with cannabis plants but all plants. The nutrients in fertilizer are comprised of three primary components that your plants need for it to grow healthily. The elements that are often incorporated into fertilizers are the following:

Nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen is important for the growth and development of the tissues of the cannabis plants. Likewise, it encourages leaf growth and plays an important role in the process of photosynthesis specifically in the production of chlorophyll.
Phosphorus (P)
Phosphorous is mainly important for bud production. Likewise, the nutrient encourages cell division and development of new tissues. This is also a component of the nucleic acid into plants which maintains the protein synthesis.
Potassium (K)
Potassium is an essential nutrient that plants need to develop a rigid structure. It promotes the growth and development of the root system of the plants. It must consume large amounts to induce reproduction of the plants.

When to Apply these Nutrients to Growing Cannabis

In most instances, these nutrients exist as a fertilizer. Likewise, you could order it through agricultural or botanical shops as needed. Also, these nutrients could be put upon by obtaining a compost into your plants. But nonetheless, let’s examine at what part of the plant cycle where it would be most required.
Vegetative Stage
For this phase, nitrogen is most needed by your plant to grow and develop. You could employ nutrient fertilizers with NPK ratios of 3-2-4 or 9-3-6 to establish a good growth for your plants.
Flowering Stage
At this stage, nitrogen should be lowered down. Likewise, phosphorus and potassium is most need during this period. Fertilizers with NPK ratios of 2-9-9 or 2-3-5 would be best as needed.

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