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New Ways to Dry your Cannabis Autoflowers

new ways to dry your cannabis autoflowers

Drying your cannabis autoflowers can be a time-consuming process taking practically months to complete. The cannabis autoflowers have to go through drying for almost a week. After that is the curing process which can take who knows how long. However, there are new ways to dry your plants with plenty of options if you want to dry your autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors or indoors.

Slow and Steady (Traditional)

Before we can discuss the new ways to dry your cannabis autoflowers, we have to discuss the traditional method for you to make your conclusions and decision on which way you would prefer to dry your autoflowers. Of course, you can always skip this part and go straight to the new drying methods if you desire to only dry your cannabis autoflowers quickly. However, I would highly advise you to take a moment to educate yourself just in case you find that the new quick-drying is not for you.

Hang to Dry

The first step after picking your harvest is to hang your autoflowers upside down so that all of the liquid can drip off. There is a lot to take into account during the actual drying process. The room has to be 21 degrees Celsius with the humidity at around 50%. If you don’t have a natural accommodation for these parameters, then you can use an AC, heater, humidifier, or dehumidifier to adjust the room temperature or humidity. Drying takes around four to seven days. If you try to dry any faster, then you are compromising the flavor for speed.


The next step is the curing stage. Once your cannabis autoflowers are dry enough to snap off instead of bend, place a few buds into a glass jar and seal tight with the humidity inside being around 60% to 65%. Any lower and the buds will be too dry. Any higher and you will have to take the buds out for them to dry more. Once at the appropriate humidity level, then you can start opening the jars for about fifteen minutes every day. This is called “Burping” because you are releasing the air and moisture inside the jar for more moisture to accumulate. Do this for one week, then after one week, you can do this once every two or three days.

After six months, you can enjoy your hard-earned harvest.

Quick Dry

These two methods could help you dry your cannabis autoflowers quicker; however, you will be sacrificing flavor and potency.

Paper Bag and Laptop

So if you don’t have a secluded room for your cannabis to dry, you can place a handful of your autoflowers into a brown paper bag. Yes, just like the ones that you get at your local grocery store. Seal up the paper bag and just let the cannabis autoflowers to dry for about two to six days.

After almost a week, take the paper bag and turn on your laptop. Every laptop has a fan on the inside to blow the hot air out to keep the inside nice and cool which is why you feel the outside of your laptop getting hot. Place the buds on a paper towel and lay the paper towel on top of your keyboard or in front of the actual fan if possible. Every ten minutes, you should turn the buds so that they dry all the way around. This process may take a few hours for one set, but it does dry fast. The taste does not have the same aroma as the traditional method, but it still packs a punch.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

For years, people have been drying their autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors, but it’s not quite the best option. You have to place a handful of autoflowering cannabis in a plastic bag so that it can act as both the drying and curing method in one. Put the plastic bag on a decent size rock and use another rock to hold down the bag to keep it from flying away. This method takes one to two days to complete in optimal weather.

However, this can be a very unpredictable method of drying. You can never really know how hot it may be outside for the next few days. If it gets too hot, you can potentially burn or overdry your cannabis autoflowers. If it is not hot enough, this process might take more than two days to complete.

Not to mention, since this can be a rather quick way to dry your cannabis autoflowers, you are degrading the quality, flavor, and potency. This will ultimately lead to harsh tasting cannabis with a very foul smell which can be bad for business. Nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a product of low quality.


Drying your cannabis can make or break your business. You might have had a bountiful harvest, but if you mess it up during the drying and curing stage, then it becomes a waste. Now that you have heard the comparison between tradition and quick-drying methods, you can choose for yourself what you want to do.

If you really cannot wait at least six months for your cannabis autoflowers for completely dry and cure, then go for the quick dry. There are other ways to quick dry other than the paper bag with laptop and outdoors, but they are the most accessible because just about everyone has a laptop and access to the outdoors.

If you are looking for the best quality, best flavor, and best potency; then go tradition. Slow and steady may take a while, but at least the wait will be worth it in the end.

The level of patience a grower has is a huge factor in the cannabis autoflowering world. If you don’t have a lot of waiting patiently, then, yeah, autoflowering was the right choice of cannabis to grow. Nevertheless, no one can escape the drying process. All growers have to deal with the six-month waiting period to get good quality cannabis.

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