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New Cannabis Buds Harvest Are Drying to Quickly

After months and months of patience in taking really good care of your marijuana plants, you have now finally harvested some good quality and fragrant marijuana buds. But you notice that they are drying out fast. Sure you eventually need to dry your buds, but should you do anything to delay the drying rate your buds are going at? What should you do then? Find out below.


Once you’ve harvested the buds, it can really help if you wait to trim them after they’ve dried up. This is because the extra leaves will cup around the buds and will help in keeping the buds’ moisture in for a longer time. Also, while waiting for your buds to dry up, make sure you turn the circulation fan off and reduce the amount of air in the room so that they don’t dry up too quickly.

Sticking them in jars

But if you’ve already trimmed the extra leaves out and are worried about your quickly drying buds, one thing you could do is to stick your harvested buds in jars. What this will do is that it will pull the moisture from the stem back into the bud itself. However, when you stick them in jars, make sure not to put the lid on. Putting them in a jar will just concentrate the moisture so you do not want to deprive them completely of air. Also, when you notice that the buds are accumulating too much moisture inside the jar, you could take them out for a while to let them breathe.

Using paper bags

If you find that the idea of sticking your buds in jars is not for you, you could use paper bags instead. Use the brown ones that you get from grocery shopping by sticking your marijuana buds inside for a while in order to prevent fast drying rates.

Using humidity packs

But if you think your buds’ drying rate cannot be remedied by sticking them in jars or in paper bags, you could opt to use humidity packs for marijuana buds such as Bovida Humidity Packs. You can buy them online or in your local growing store. These humidity packs will adjust the humidity of your marijuana buds that you’ve put in jars. The humidity packs have a pre-set humidity level, say at 62%. Therefore if you use one with buds that are dryer than that, they will moisten up your buds. And if you use one on buds that are wetter then it will suck up the excess moisture to keep the humidity level at the ideal 62% for marijuana buds.

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