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Using Neem Oil on Cannabis Plants

neem oil cannabis

The cannabis growing industry is now making use of neem oil cannabis especially the organic cannabis growers. This naturally obtained oil is known to act as an excellent pesticide that is bound to guard your cannabis against pest infestation in the safest and most natural way. It also gives your buyers the assurance that the products they paid for are safe from hazardous chemicals.

What is Neem Oil

Neem oil is a kind of organic pesticide which came from the extract of Neem seed oil. Neem oil is present in all parts of the Neem tree however, it is best to get its oil from the seeds because the compound which will fight insects and fungus is present there.

Why Neem Oil is Useful in Cannabis Growing

As you learned, Neem oil is an organic pesticide which means that it has a big help in growing cannabis organically. It contains azadirachtin, a compound used to get rid of insects and stop its larvae reproduction. Azadirachtin inflicts death to any insect by blocking its airways.

Another big use of neem oil is for the prevention and remedy of plague in cannabis plants. Spider mites and whitefly are just a few of the many cannabis plagues that will destroy your weeds. These plagues will cause destruction to your cannabis if not removed from your plants right away. 

In addition, with continuous utilization of Neem oil, fungus and bacteria will definitely find it hard to infest your weeds. 

When to Apply Neem Oil

You must, however, take note that although Neem oil is the best organic pesticide for your weeds, it can only be applied during the vegetative phase of your cannabis. The bitter-tasting property of this oil makes it not suitable to be used during the flowering period. Doing so may alter your marijuana’s flavor.

You can guarantee both the safety of your weeds and of your animals as this oil is friendly to almost all mammals.

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